The Moving On! Tour ~ Postponed Shows

Unfortunately due to illness, The Who concerts in Dallas on Friday, September 27th and Denver on Sunday, September 29th must be postponed. Fans should hold on to their tickets for the Dallas and Denver shows, as well as Wednesday night’s postponed Houston show, as they will be honoured at the rescheduled dates. Please stay tuned for further information.

All the rest of the shows on the Moving On! tour are still on schedule beginning with the show at the Chase Center, San Francisco on October 9, 2019.  See the tour page for the full list of shows.

If you cannot make the rescheduled shows for Dallas or Denver next spring and would like a refund on your tickets please contact Ticketmaster or Live Nation – whichever you purchased your tickets from.

68 thoughts on “The Moving On! Tour ~ Postponed Shows”

  1. Aveek Chatterjee says:

    This is really bad news. I have attended the concert at Houston Toyota Center on 25th September 2019. I’m from India and I will not be able to attend the concert at a later date. Please let me what are the options for refund of ticket prices for the people who will not be able to attend the rescheduled concert.

    1. Richard Evans says:

      Aveek, at this stage it would be good if you contact Live Nation or Ticketmaster regarding ticket refunds. Once we have further information about this we will post it on the site.

  2. Anne Turton says:

    Get well soon. We look forward to you returning to Houston soon.

  3. Brandon Levy says:

    Get better Roger!! We will look forward to seeing you soon in Denver!!

  4. Sara says:

    Please feel better, Boo. xoxoxoxo

  5. Tyler Miller says:

    I was at the Huston show when it was cut short- I send my well wishes to Rog for a speedy recovery! I admire the fact that he had the self respect to leave to take care of himself and make sure he delivers his best performance ♡ ♥♡ ♥♡ ♥♡ ♥♡ ♥

  6. Steven Rich says:

    I also traveled to see the Houston show and will not be able to make the rescheduled show. Until the show ended, Pete was absolutely on fire in Houston. at any rate, get better Roger. Maybe they can swing by Dallas/Houston/Denver at the end of the 2019 tour which would be the end of October?

  7. Kg says:

    What a bummer, I flew over from Phoenix since they didn’t schedule there this time. Really will miss seeing the boys again.

  8. Kat Constable says:

    We were at the Houston show. What we saw was absolutely amazing. We had no idea Roger was having problems. My nephew is the drummer for the opening act, Reignwolf. Roger, please get better. We can’t wait to see you and Pete and the rest of the band finish the show!

  9. Carolyn kinsella says:

    Roger Hope you feel better soon! Looking forward to seeing you in Denver!
    We’ll see you in LA next month 3 row can’t wait!

  10. Paul Dudash says:

    It was great to see Pete and Roger and the band in Houston again.

    Wonderful to hear the selections from “Tommy ” .

    Get well soon Roger.

  11. luis says:

    Sad, very sad. I though Roger was now completely recovered from his vocal chords problems. Hope he can rest and finish the rest of the tour. Maybe, to reach this goal, the band will have to change the set list to include songs that he can easily song without much effort and give more songs to Pete (and Simon–Going Mobile and I am the Answer) to sing.

  12. roy leinfuss says:

    Health is wealth, first and foremost! Rest up, get your health,healthy and see where you go from there. People forget life happens and not on our terms…. long live… rock, enjoy today, folks

  13. Michelle Rua says:

    Feel better soon – so glad you are taking time to heal and recover rather than push yourself over the edge. Excited to see you in Denver when you are well.

  14. Skip says:

    I’m really glad I got to see them in Tampa. The show was incredible! Get well Roger…

  15. Michael Dieckmann says:

    Get well Roger look forward to seeing you and Pete in Denver, any ideas on a rescheduling date so I can plan it around my work schedule

  16. Kim Harwood says:

    We have tickets for the October 13th Hollywood Bowl show. Is this looking to be postponed as well? Get better.
    Sorry to hear this news


    1. Richard Evans says:

      No, the Hollywood Bowl shows are scheduled, Kim.

  17. Ray Rafidi says:

    Get well soon, Roger! Tonight was going to be a birthday celebration for me, but it’ll be good to look forward to a belated birthday present when you guys re-schedule the Dallas show!

  18. Robert Lopez says:

    It would of been nice if they had informed us earlier that they were going to cancel the Dallas show! Ticketmaster informed me after I was already on the road to see them some 4 hours away the day of the show. Just plain disappointed all the way around. However, get well Mr Daltry I hope I can make the rescheduled date.

  19. John N says:

    It is a downer, but I would rather Roger was back 100%. Get well and thank you Roger and Pete for 50+ years of great rock!!

    One request, while Roger is in Texas could he please meet my wife, as I am hoping she might get laryngitis…

  20. Russ says:

    Well, we got a great “Tommy” set and now we’ll get a bonus concert in Houston. Hope Roger feels better soon. Take care of those pipes.

  21. Susan Jackson says:

    Will I get an email update about the show?

  22. Van Newcomer says:

    The show in Houston was fantastic until Roger lost his voice and the show had to end. We understand, wish him well, and look forward to their return.

  23. johnny says:

    let us know when you are comming back to denver will hold on to tickets get well soon .

  24. Diana says:

    Get better soon Roger. Looking forward to seeing you in Denver with a renewed voice!

  25. Todd says:

    Roger was Fantastic in Tampa and when The WHO return will have even more fire. I saw it in Tampa 2006 and the return was the best show of the tour!!!

  26. Jason says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Roger! See you guys in Dallas sometime next spring!

  27. Brad says:

    Best Wishes Roger. See you soon in Denver.

  28. Dave says:

    Was at the Houston show with my brothers. It was a great show up until Roger had his vocal problems cause him to loose his voice.
    I know my brothers enjoyed the show as well and are hoping Roger a speedy and trouble free recovery.

    Can’t wait to see them at the rescheduled show! Rock on Roger, Pete, Simon, Zak, Loren, Jon and the fantastic orchestra accompanying them on this tour!!!

  29. Laura Riddler says:

    Wishing Roger all the best for a speedy recovery. I was at the Houston show. So sorry this happened to him. It was so nice of Pete to explain it all the crowd. Didn’t realise Roger was having difficulties until he was forced to give up. Pete and Rog are both such professionals. Take care and see you in Houston when Roger feels better, however long it takes. God bless.

  30. Marlene Maroun flowers says:

    Will the Hollywood bowl shows on 10/13 and 10/24 be cancelled?

  31. Glenn Jackson says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon Roger.I also hope you will consider rescheduling the cancelled show in Edmonton at the same time as your rescheduled shows for Houston,Dallas&Denver.

  32. Brett Resh says:

    Greatest band live I have ever seen…1st Who show was 12/3/79 in Cincinnati and almost every tour since including on my birthday at the Hollywood Bowl. My wife and I were so pumped being in 1st row in Houston Wed. night. So sorry you’re not feeling well Roger….get well soon and can’t wait to have you come back and do another show in Houston!!! You guys ROCK!!!

  33. yleana martinez says:

    Re: Houston – Thank you for the most exciting 45 minutes of music ever. It was very reassuring to hear Pete sincerely swear to return to Houston. I was close enough to the stage to hear Roger tell Pete it was ragweed. Please get well, Roger,! And, can you add Magic Bus to the setlist?

  34. Vilma says:

    I am sorry to hear you are ill. Best wishes for a full recovery and I look forward to the rescheduling of the Denver show!

  35. Michael says:

    We have tickets to the Denver show. We traveled 8 hours from New Mexico and don’t know if we can make the trip at a later date. How do we get a refund

  36. edward von hollen says:

    Best get well wishes to Roger Daltrey. Attended your performance last Sunday in Tampa. You are still incredible. Get well soon.

  37. Mickey Mills says:

    I was to attend the show in Dallas. Had a great weekend planned in Dallas starting with the Friday night show. As soon as I heard Friday morning my plans changed and we didn’t head out for the three-hour drive to Dallas. Through it all, I pray for a speedy recovery for Roger and getting to Dallas for a rescheduled show in the near future.

    I call that a bargain… the best I ever had.

  38. Michael seeliger says:

    When can we receive a refund.

    1. Richard Evans says:

      Michael, if you want a refund for either the Dallas or Denver shows please contact Ticketmaster or Live Nation – whichever you purchased your ticket from.

  39. Greg McHallam says:

    Roger, get well soon. The fact you and Pete are out doing what you do is inspirational! Postpone and get better. Nothing but love and respect here.

  40. Andrea says:

    Get better Roger! Will see you soon in Dallas ❤❤

  41. Richard says:

    Get better Rog. Look after your voice. Saw you at Wembley Stadium in July and have tickets to see you again in April at Wembley Arena. Must have seen you 15 times. Love you both.

  42. Steven Rich says:

    I live in NYC and I am a huge Who fan. I want to travel to San Diego to see the show but not sure if this will also wind up getting cancelled. Can someone from the who camp respond?

  43. Catherine Macaluso says:

    Get well, Rog. You first.

    (Hey Pete, whats shakin’?!)

    See you indoors in Philly perhaps with your new tunes?


  44. Catherine says:

    Roger…its your nerves and anxiety closing up your throat….🍀 Brexit. Relax!!!!

    And allergies….wet leaves. Hang in there.

  45. JOHN MITCHELL says:

    So sad that the Denver concert had to be cancelled. My wife had booked flights and tickets as a surprise for my 70th birthday and we didn’t find out until just before we were boarding our plane at Heathrow. Hopefully we can get tickets for one of the UK dates next year.

  46. Jon says:

    Has there been any update on Roger’s health and whether these are the only shows that will be cancelled?

  47. Ira says:

    Very sad to hear, best wished RD for a speedy recovery.

    On another note (Ha!) – can anyone confirm the time folks should be at a venue if they are holding VIP tickets?

  48. Vince Fredrick says:

    Looking for the rescheduled date for Houston. I won’t know if we can attend until a date is provided.

  49. Joseph Heissler says:

    We purchased 2 tickets from VIAGOGO for the Dallas show and I will likely be out of State for “the rescheduled show Spring 2020”. Viagogo REFUSES to refund our money saying the show was “postponed not cancelled” so we are SOL. Is there anything you can do to fix this situation for us? If not we plan to trash this ticket service via SOCIAL MEDIA AS MUCH AND AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE!

  50. Andy Sheehan says:

    I was at the Houston show remembering how cool it was in the 70’s to carry a who album everywhere under your arm… I was in middle school at the time :)… and now to see these men as real people- who have bad nights, who get sick, and who handle life as it comes- behaving so admirably was such a life (in all it’s goods and bads) affirming moment that I no longer want to beat up all those cool fucking kids in my imagination anymore… ’cause they knew something I know now too. Thanks guys… get well Roger, and I still love White City 🙂

  51. Karen King-Lewandowski says:

    Dear Roger – I am sending much love and healing vibes to you – hope you are well and able to complete the NA dates – I will see you on the 24th at the Hollywood Bowl! Dear Pete – hope you are enjoying your break.

  52. Rob Hodges says:

    Last week my wife and I took our first vacation together in over 10 years (no small feat when you’re disabled). We rented a van (easier access for wheelchair and walker), made hotel reservations and drove to Dallas to see The Who and their violinist Katie Jacoby (my childhood friend Esther Kim Jacoby’s daughter). We checked in, got to our room, and I checked my email; The concert had just been cancelled (postponed). Bummer. Well I can’t get mad; hell, Roger Daltrey got sick, he’s 75 years old, we’re lucky he can still tour, and it wouldn’t be The Who without him. So all I can say is best wishes to The Who, I hope Roger gets better and I hope we will be able to make it to the rescheduled concert.

  53. Bruce says:

    Feel better Roger. And Pete, easy on the jumping!

  54. Catherine Wood says:

    We have tickets to the SF show. Hope you are feeling better Roger! Any update if the rest of the shows are still scheduled?

  55. Mark Young says:

    Its been 10 days now since TX & Colorado shows were postponed. When can we expect the new dates?

  56. Bruce MacDonald says:

    So sad to hear about your voice Roger. Rest up and get well. I know when your voice is healthy, you have one of the greatest voices in Rock music. Been a Who fan since my mid teens. I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen you 5 times before. The upcoming show in Seattle will be the 6th.All of the previous shows were on the east coast. All the reviews of your shows are great. Looking forward to seeing a great show.

  57. WARREN BELL says:

    Get well soon Roger!

    Saw you in Toronto in September and coming to see you in Leeds in March.
    The current show with the orchestra adds such a dimension – at times it is literally overwhelming.

    Luv you and Pete forevs!!!


  58. Joe says:

    “If you cannot make the rescheduled shows for Dallas or Denver next spring and would like a refund on your tickets please contact Ticketmaster or Live Nation – whichever you purchased your tickets from.”

    Is Houston being rescheduled as well?

    THE WHO REPLY: Yes, it is, Joe. All rescheduled dates will be posted on once they are set.

  59. Brian says:

    How soon until we can expect to see the rescheduled dates?

  60. John says:

    Resheduled WHO show for Dallas,Texas?? Any news yet?

  61. Juli says:

    Any news when the Denver show will be yet?

  62. Eli Mannion says:

    So I purchased my tickets through Vivid Seats. I guess I didn’t read the fine print that they are allowed to hijack your money if a show is postponed. They say that The Who is going to play a year from the date in Denver on September 29th 2020. Is this true?

  63. The Who says:

    We will announce the dates of the rescheduled US shows as soon as the new dates are finalised. The new dates will be in spring 2020.

  64. Patrick Gobble says:

    What is going on with the postponed Dallas, Texas show?

  65. Charles says:

    What’s happening for the postponed Denver show?

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