The Art of John Entwistle ~ Special Gift Set of Rare Artists Proofs
John Entwistle was considered by many to be the greatest bass player in the world of rock and roll. As a member of one of the most famous and loved British rock bands, The Who, John had many hidden talents that he didn’t share openly with his fans. He was a history buff, who probably new more about U.S. history than many historians, and an avid collector of cars, dogs and interesting war memorabilia. But one talent that wasn’t publicly revealed until 1995 was his talent as a visual artist.

From 1995 until his untimely death in 2002, John created many original works of art, limited edition prints and spent time traveling across the U.S. meeting with fans and collectors at art galleries hosting exhibits of his art work.
Most of the original works of art are sold and in private collections. The availability of prints has dwindled to a handful. However John’s personal manager, Cy Langston, kept the Artists Proofs for four of the limited edition prints vaulted since his death. For the first time since 2002, he is opening the vault to make them available for purchase as sets. Three of the four prints bear John’s original signature and the fourth print has his signature silk-screened on the print.
The Art of John Entwistle ~ The Complete Set
Featuring the following Artist Proofs:
– Who By Numbers ~ Signed by John
– Spirit of ’76 ~ Signed by John
– Generations ~ Signed by John
– Guitar Gods ~ Silk-screened signature
The sets will have matching numbers. Only 50 sets are available worldwide. Valued at $3,000.00, the price for the complete set is $1,995.00
The Art of John Entwistle ~ Bookends
Featuring John’s first limited edition print ~ Who by Numbers. This print bears John’s original signature. Also featuring John’s last limited edition print ~ Guitar Gods. The print was created during John’s life. John passed away the day he was to sign the edition; therefore the print has John’s signature silk-screened on the print. Valued at $1950.00, the special Set price is $1,195.00.
The Art of John Entwistle ~ Special Holiday Pricing for Generations
This print price, normally $550.00, is now on special offer at $395.00.
Contact Walnut Street Gallery to order or for more information: +1.800.562.3387

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