Teen Cancer America is excited to announce that they are reuniting with their friends at LIC Bar, one of Queens (and NYC’s) favorite local music venues on May 29. The LIC Bar will raise funds and awareness for Teen Cancer America, the charity that the Hall of Fame iconic rock group, The Who support. A special night of music and surprises featuring Who’s Next, the ultimate tribute band to The Who will start at 7:00 p.m.


The following night The Who will once again play at the historic Forest Hills Stadium. The last time The Who played Forest Hills was 1971 when they promoted the release of their classic album WHO’S NEXT.


The LIC Bar was given a major helping hand by The Who in 2012 when the band generously replaced music equipment that was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy. As a thank you for The Who’s generosity, the LIC Bar held a sold out fundraiser in March of 2013 for Teen Cancer America and raised over $7,000.


After the event, Roger Daltrey personally met with the organizers of the event and expressed his gratitude. LIC Bar Event Organizer, Rob Basch said “Roger Daltrey was incredible. He told me how pleased he was that a small local venue similar to where they played in the early days was able to make such an impact for his cause. He said it had been his pleasure to help us out in our time of need and he was touched by what we had done for Teen Cancer America.”


The Teen Cancer charity began in the UK where it successfully transformed the UK health system by building specialist facilities and programs for teenagers with cancer in every major cancer center. Every hour a young American is diagnosed with cancer and, for the vast majority. they will either be treated with small children or on adult wards where the average age is over 60 years old. Teen Cancer America will replicate the British success and create these specialist centers right across America. The first in NYC is being built at Memorial Sloan Kettering.


Who’s Next will be performing the same set The Who played at Forest Hills Stadium in 1971 plus additional songs. Tickets will be $20 for the 7.00pm concert. In addition to Who’s Next there will be special guests plus raffles of Who memorabilia. Please go to to purchase tickets.


  1. Coe says:

    I can’t wait to see Who’s Next on the 29th saw them the first time when they did the 1st charity show in March 2013…..loved them almost as much as The Who, ALMOST. then my ROGERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR the next night at Forrest Hills. First I will be at their show tomorrow night at the Nassau Coliseum and Tuesday at the Barkley Center in Brooklyn…….

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