Elvis Costello & The Imposters and The Who show WHO CARES for Teen Cancer America


The Who ended their tour of North America by topping the bill at a stunning benefot concert last night in aid of Teen Cancer America at the Theatre in Madison Square Garden. 


Elvis Costello played an excellent hard-rocking set, which he fittingly closed with a performance of The Who’s ‘Substitute’.


Opening the show was rising star, singer-songwriter Stephen Roth.


The Who played a set which combined some of their greatest hits with songs from Quadrophenia in a stunning performance. “Pete Townshend was simply remarkable,” writes Roger Friedman of Showbiz 411, “as he, Daltrey and the current model of The Who (which includes Townshend’s brother Simon and Ringo Starr’s on Zack Starkey) demolished the stage with a greatest hits show.”


The band is now taking a well-deserved break before hitting the road again to tour Quadrophenia + More in the UK and Europe in June.





Set List:

Who Are You

The Kids Are Alright

Behind Blue Eyes

Pinball Wizard



You Better You Bet

Love Reign O’er Me

Baba O’Riley

Won’t Get Fooled Again





23 thoughts on “Elvis Costello & The Imposters and The Who show WHO CARES for Teen Cancer America”

  1. GEOFF GROOME says:

    i have followed the who for more years than i can remeber i think what you are doing should set a example to other people with the power to change peoples lifes and i take my hat of to you.I hope i can see you again in concert sometime as im in Venezuela so please keep going for a while yet lol all the best to you all .long time follower geoff

  2. Pete Oswald says:


  3. Steve Prisco says:

    On the way to see The Who last night it hit me that this could be the last time I was to see them perform as a band. It was the last performance of their US tour and you have to wonder if they would ever be up to another one. So many variables to consider, the least of which is just knowing when to say when. Add the fact that they just spent almost a year playing a massive production of Quadrophenia – a record that was built upon the personalities of the four original members – a show that at times seemed like a career retrospective with archival videos projected on the huge screens and included performances by both John Entwistle and Keith Moon. If this was the note – pure and not so easy – that they would go out on, it would have been a high note to be sure, but it still made me feel a bit melancholy that this might be the wrap up to a relationship that had started when I was a teenager.

    But a funny thing happened on the way to the old Felt Forum. After a blistering set by Elvis Costello, who ran through a parade of classics like the building was on fire, The Who took the stage to perform what was billed as a “greatest hits” show. In actuality, it was little more than the extra songs that they had been playing on the tour to close the shows. But there was a difference last night – a big difference. The huge stage had been stripped down for the smaller venue but the distinct change was that the ghosts stayed backstage. During the tour, one of the highlights of the evening was John Entwistle’s bass solo, played “live” thanks to the magic of modern technology as Pino Pallidino, who stepped right into Entwistle’s shoes after he passed, respectfully left the stage. However, when they played the song last night, there was no video and it was Pino who brought the thunder. They didn’t play “Bell Boy” so Keith’s bit wasn’t a part of the show, but his god son Zach Starkey made it clear that you can draw a line from the past to the future, bringing something new while embracing the old. Roger was giving his all as he always does. A Who show always lives or dies with Pete, and he was alive and well, going for some of the high notes this time around and wrangling, strangling and slapping his guitar – to the point where I almost thought we might see one meet the stage floor only to be spared at the last moment.

    They had been ending the shows with “Tea and Theater” from “Endless Wire” with only Pete and Roger on stage. That song, with it’s retrospective lyrics (we did it all, didn’t we?) made you feel that this may be a their swan song. But last night, after ending with “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” the band lined up across the front of the stage and left us with rock’s greatest anthem ringing in our ears.

    It may be all speculation on my part, but it felt as if there was a very conscience effort to show that this was a band with a long history, a loud and proud, history, but that the story is not quite finished. This isn’t The Who that was, but The Who that is, here and now and, quite possibly, for another amazing journey somewhere down the line. I know I’m ready for it and as far as The Who – well I can tell you that the kids are alright.

  4. Cindy says:

    Absolutely a classic band! Love you guys and would have loved to have been there! Thanks for the great music over the years!

  5. Stan says:

    The WHO were completely F’IN ON FIRE last night! Pete was jamming his ass off and Roger was SO on . Crowd completely into it. Thanks to Elvis for getting us warm, but thanks more to the WHO for setting us on fire last night.. the Kids are Way Better than allright!! ( you better bet your life ! )

  6. Dave Moross says:

    Greatest rock & roll band ever. Great human beings. Long live The Who!

  7. Michelle S. says:

    The show was absolutely awesome. Roger and Pete were rocking and Zack Starkey really IS the perfect person to fill in for Keith Moon behind those drums. I was surprised they didn’t do at least one more song from TOMMY, however – since 1982 at Shea Stadium – I always feel as though they’re playing Love Reign O’er Me just for me. Thanks guys! Love you!

  8. Michelle S. says:

    PS – Happy Birthday Roger!

  9. Great show last night, if not a bit too short. However, was, as always, happy to be there!

  10. Oh – and I certainly hope that I did not just witness the last performance of the Who ever in North America……
    Im hoping for another tour! Say, next year? Guys – what do you think!?!?!?

  11. T. Cantillon says:

    Blazing show at the Theatre in MSG.
    Elvis Costello and the Imposters gave an electrified performance of EC classics as well as a killer cover of “Substitute.”

    And The Who barnstormed through a 10 song set that was filled with passion from both an energetic Roger Daltrey and blistering guitar work from Pete Townshend!

    Great to see them in such a small venue doing what they do best. Hopefully they will tour the US again. Thanks for a stellar night of rock ‘n’ roll!

  12. Colin & Clare says:

    Dear Roger,Pete, Simon,Pino,Zak and the Band.

    Last night was for us the sixth and last night we will see you (this year!?)
    What a way to end what has been a truly spectacular run of concerts, you just got better and better, with Rogers voice staying young and strong and a very obvious happy Pete thrilling everyone with every strike on his Strat.

    Zak Simon and PIno are very much THE WHO , thank you !

    Hoping at some point later you will issue a DVD of the tour so we can show our boys Tommy4 and Jimmy2 where we kept sneaking off to, its the only time our life we wished we had had our kids younger so they could come along and feel , feel that beautiful music that is pure euphoria!

  13. Steven Vilardi says:

    The US hopes to see The Who next year!

  14. LyndaGrace says:

    “Pete Townshend was simply remarkable,”….and spectacular as when I saw him this leg of the Tour. Stunning in brilliance.

  15. D. Succamore says:

    Great Tour….amazing show for an amazing album! Attended shows in Toronto and Hamilton. Continued success! Any chance of putting out a DVD of your final show of the Farewell Tour that was broadcasted around the world from Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto?

  16. Cat says:

    Was at your Louisville, KY show! To say that you all were FANTASTIC is an understatement! Without a doubt one of the best concerts I have ever been to! The Who is still my favorite band!!

  17. Steve Morris says:

    i listend to Roger talking on BBC Radio 2 around 12/14 years ago where he was starting the teenage cancer trust,
    explaining how teenagers didnt want to be on wards with young children or with older Adults
    they need to be around people of their own ages at such a tough time,
    He was getting involved in setting up raising money for these hospital units to be set up and boy has He worked hard in the UK, & now getting it all started in the USA
    I,ll say it again this man should be KNIGHTED for his relentless work

    Cant wait to see The Who in Cardiff June 25th
    first time was in Swansea Vetch (Swansea city fc old ground)way back in 1976
    Remember it was packed with people up on the big old floodlights
    and watched them around the UK ever since
    My boys are hooked as well.

    See you in Cardiff
    Steve Morris
    Abercynon South Wales

  18. Vince says:

    Again was lucky to score some tickets for MSG benefit show
    3rd row centre..amazing sweat from Pete’s windmill!!
    Truly remarkable show..reminded me of shows of old…great energy onstage.
    Visuals were stunning with lots of new and blistering videos for the hits
    EC was given the same great light and video show.
    Rumours of 50 anniversary already ..please come back soon
    We love The Who and now love Elvis Costello and the imposters.

  19. Patty Martucci says:

    Thanks to The Who — my husband and I saw two great shows – one in December at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut and the second show in my hometown of Providence, Rhode Island at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center! WOW fantastic performances at both shows. Then we saw Simon Townshend at Church in Boston, Massachusetts last night. Fantastic music and fun nights all around! Love and peace to all of you.

  20. Although I hated to miss this final show, I was fortunate enough to catch the shows in Uncasville, CT, Tulsa, OK, and the 12.12.12 show. Have seen every Who tour since 1973 and these shows were truly magnificent. Thanks and congratulations to the band, crew and staff. And of course the audience. The Who’s audience need a record deal. We’re really good.

  21. American Colin says:

    I ended up giving my ticket to a friend because I had to work until 12:30 am on Friday morning. He had a great time, he said. Very much in keeping with the comments here.

    As I loitered around Penn Station at 1 am waiting for the 1:22 am all stops local to Trenton, I watched one of the approximately 8+ trucks get loaded up with the band’s gear.

    Quite amazing. Seemed very efficient.

  22. LARRY SEYLER says:

    Saw the Who in Pittsburgh in November. Have seen them starting in 1976 thru the present. wORLD’S GREATEST rOCK N ROLL BAND!

  23. Paul Fancy says:

    I saw the band in Toronto and Hamilton on this tour. How can these guys keep sounding better? I was blown away by both shows. I attended both shows with fans that had never seen the band and they walked away with jaws on the ground. Great work also from Pino, Simon and Zac. I’d say they have brought a better dimension to the live performances.
    Bravo and I look forward to a return.

    Paul Fancy

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