Simon Townshend, touring guitarist with The Who for twenty years, is releasing remastered versions of his own albums Looking Out Looking In and Denial.  The two collections are being released in the UK for the first time on his own label, Stir Records, on 7 October 2016, both with added bonus tracks.  Denial will feature liner notes written by his brother and Who legend Pete Townshend and Looking Out Looking In includes bonus tracks featuring “massive fan”, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder.  There will be an album launch show at The Islington on 30 September 2016. Purchase tickets: 


Pete Townshend says, “Title track ‘Denial’ is not only one of the best songs Simon has ever written but one of the most beautiful songs to come out of the English rock-folk genre in the past forty years.”  Eddie Vedder said, “I’ve been a massive fan of Simon Townshend since the early 80s.  His record from back then, ‘Sweet Sounds’, is an unheralded masterpiece.  Now comes ‘Looking Out Looking In’ and I’m blown away.  I would place it amongst his best work.  Incredible how he just gets better and better”.


On ‘Looking Out Looking In’, Eddie Vedder will feature on the bonus tracks ‘She Asked Me’ and ‘I Am The Answer’‘She Asked Me’ also features Pino on bass and Simon’s son Ben on drums.  ‘I Am The Answer’ also features Mark Brzezicki on cajon and Cuban Box and Danny Thompson on upright bass.
These releases follow Simon’s British invasion of the US for his #OneManAndHisGuitar tour this year.  This came after a slew of solo dates at the end of 2015, which Simon scheduled despite the postponement of some US dates with The Who.


Simon was born with music in his blood, the son of England’s top big-band reed man, Cliff Townshend, and younger brother of The Who legend Pete Townshend, Simon has been recording and performing since the age of nine, when he was recruited to add vocals to The Who classic ‘Tommy’.
Although the Townshend name is familiar, Simon’s music has its own original sound and his song writing plunders great depths and returns with unique compelling narratives set against haunting melodies. Simon has a strong loyal fan base which includes a number of fellow musicians such as Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), who has followed Simon since his 1983 release ‘I Am The Answer’.


Simon, a multi-instrumentalist and singer, has released eight acclaimed solo albums and one with the band Casbah Club (featuring Bruce Foxton/The Jam & Mark Brzezicki/Big Country), these all on his US label Stir Music US.  Official Website:




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