Roger Daltrey Interview

Roger Daltrey being interviewed about his and Pete Townshend’s commitment to providing special Cancer units for Teenagers in hospitals and medical centres in the USA


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  1. Leigh Stones says:

    FANTASTIC ! Cant believe ya playing in Orlando !! QUADROPHENIA changed my life forever and after 33 years of being into the scene even though I left the UK 20 years ago my scooter is covered in QUADROPHENIA !! And was asking IF i would have the chance to have it signed ? OR if they would like to use it in Orlando on Saturday 3rd November 2012 here in Orlando at the Amway Center ?? WOULD LOVE IT !! Can supply photos if required.

    Bloody brilliant !
    407 350 8891 (Florida)
    Leigh Stones

  2. Terri Shirley says:

    Hello – I just listened to your video about your involvement with cancer center to help teens. I think that is very wonderful. Knowing that you have a passion to help others makes me know you have a kind heart.

    I went to see the movie The WHO – Quadrophenia this evening. My husband and I thought it was a good movie. Just to let you know, I used to fall asleep listening to your music and other favorite 70’s rock bands. On March 31, 1973 I fell roller skating and hit my head on the floor. I blacked out for 5 minutes. When I came to, I could not hear anymore. I could hear normal until that moment I became profound deaf. I have to tell you I appreciate the closed captioning on your interview to tell others about your work with the cancer center at UCLA. Otherwise, I would not have been able to understand everything you said. Which bring me to why I am writing.

    The WHO Quandrophenia would have been better for me had it been captioned. I hear through cochlea implant done at UCLA. I only enjoy music created before I lost my hearing in 1973 & captioning helps. 36 million Americans(17%) have some degree of hearing loss. The movie manager checked for me on the captioning. He told me the provider of this content, National Cinema Media, did not provide the Closed Captioning data for this event. Without this digital data Cinemark was unable to provide the Closed Captioned I need. If you need a professional captioner, my friend, Jeanette Christianson of 20/20 Captioning & Reporting can do a great job. She has captioned for people all over the world. She can be reached at 1-866-554-2099 or I am requesting you think about captioning for the benefit of reaching everyone who can enjoy your music. People like me.

    Thank you for listening.
    Your Fan,
    Terri Shirley

  3. Marian Gordon says:

    Roger and Pete:

    I have almost your entire music collection. I enjoy “The Seeker”, it so reminds me of my country neighbors, always emulating what I am doing on my farm. Your music inspires each and every day.

    MEG Merit, Tx

  4. Blanca says:

    Roger, your voice is amazing!!!! I love it.

    1. garry morrison says:

      dont you think its about time for SIR ROGER DALTRY ?????? the preformance at the olympics was nothing short of awesome …

      1. Astrid says:

        I can only agree. My cat is called Sir Roger. And not without reason 🙂
        Roger has lost nothing of his presence in the last 40 years. He´s just different now. But still admirable.

        (Hope you understand my bad english)

  5. Wendy Horne says:

    Hello Roger,
    We met on the plane a few weeks ago and I just wanted to say that I was glad to see you in full voice at the Olympics !
    Also this is a wonderful thing you are doing for children with cancer, I wish you every success in the US with this.
    All the best,

  6. Wendy Horne says:

    Not sure what moderation means

  7. Melinda M. says:

    I have a concert t-shirt from The Who 1982 North American tour that has never been worn. It hangs in my rec room with all my other concert posters/memorabilla I have acquired from all the concerts I have attended. I have tickets for the concert on Nov 3rd in Orlando and was wondering if I could get it autographed.

  8. Nigel Stewart Horslen says:

    you offered me a job as a roady, could really do with a job, r.s.v.p.

    -Nigel Stewart Horslen.

  9. Nigel Horslen says:

    Roger once you offered me a job as a roady, could really do with a job, R.S.V.P.

    -Nigel Stewart Horslen.

  10. Susan M. says:

    Hi Pete & Roger,
    When are you planning a European tour, and will you ever come to the Netherlands? I really want to see you live! I’m a recent Who fan though I’m already 49. And if you do come here, please perform “Water” and more songs from Who’s Next.

    Thanks & more power to you both!

  11. Dear Sir,
    My name is Giancarlo Tempesta.I live in New York City. I have been a who fan from 1977.
    You still sing a razor line.I remember the day Keith Moon passed away. I was in 7th grade in my vocal class.
    To this day i still miss him. I am now 49 years old. I still to this day listen to Who are you.
    New song,and had enough shows to me the power of your voice.This will never change.
    Mr. Daltrey, may god be with you always.

    Giancarlo Tempesta

  12. Mauricio says:


    Hope I see the Who before get old…unfortunately I live in southamerica, so we hope you came someday too…


  13. Marian Gordon says:

    Cannot get enough of THE WHO

  14. Astrid says:

    Hello, my name is Astrid and I am from Germany. I´m so glad to read here of all these people who feel like me. I love The Who. I think I was around 15 or 16 when I first saw Tommy on German TV and a few years later Quadrophenia. I had your voice in my head over years and I never forgot it. But somehow the music got lost. Thank to internet I found you again. And I am so sad that I missed you for about 20 years. I can´t catch up on everything I have missed. But I thank you for every note, every song, every video, and every interview I can find. I watched some of the recordings from the last years and I have to say: please go on…long live rock…I admire you for your perseverance and love to the people. Hope I have the chance to see you in Germany in the near future.
    I wish you all the best, just like all the people here who think like me. Kindest regards, Astrid. <3

  15. Susan Coffin says:

    I just watched the Roger Daltrey interview with respect to teenage cancer centers and would like to know if there are any plans to do this in Canada.

    It’s inspiring to see the work done in England and being now heightened in the United States. It would be awesome for us to see this happen for Canada as well. If so, I’d love to be a part of it. I’m located in Toronto, Ontario.

    I will be buying tickets for the who concert on November 23rd 12 at the Air Canada Centre to help raise this initiative. I’m very happy and grateful to have watched the video! Truly amazing and phenomenal for our future well being.

    Kindest regards,

  16. Marc Swift says:

    Hi Roger!
    I’m extremely moved by your teenage cancer involvement. You see, I was operated on for a brain tumor the size of a baseball in 1977, at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. After six weeks of grueling cobalt therapy,during which I slowly lost all of my hair, my Mom and my brother and I headed back to our home in Paris, France.
    When we got to JFK, I was blown away because there you were in person standing and talking with people who had lined up to meet you. I got in line and when you saw me you were almost freaked out. You thought I was a Mooney, I had lost all my hair and was completely bald.
    When I explained that I had long hair like you before, that I wanted to be a rockstar and that your music had been a lifeline to me during my five years of public school in England, you were filled with compassion and kindness toward me and invited me to come and sit with you at a table where your wife was sitting (I think it was your wife…).
    You wanted to know was I traveling to London? as if to say that you would find a way to sit with me on the airplane if I was. Meeting you transformed my life, it was like God himself saying, “you’re okay, I love you.”
    Jesus actually saved my life and then healed me from the effects of the brain tumor in 1979. It was a miracle, especially since the doctor had only given me five more years to live (which I found out about later).
    I just recently wrote a book called “The Coolness of Josh”. It just got published, it’s on Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s and on my web site It’s interesting because you’re one of the first people I thought of sending it to after it got published. Even after all these years, I still feel a strong connection to you. I wanted to send you a copy of the book and that’s how I came to your website for the first time-to find your address.
    Needless to say, I’m extremely moved that you have put so much of your life into creating these wonderful teenage cancer environments. That would’ve really helped me back then to not feel like such an outcast.
    Of course, I still want to send you my book. I found an address in Burbank, is that the best place to send it?
    But, now that I see what you’re doing please tell me how I can help you develop your teenage Cancer program. I’ve been in Toastmasters for four years now so I’m comfortable with public speaking.
    Just let me know, testimonies, videos whatever helps, I’ll do it!
    Hope to hear from you, or someone on your team soon,
    God bless you,
    Love you,
    Marc Swift

  17. Cherie Helms says:

    Thank you for your incredible efforts with the TCA….your heart is in the right place.

    I look forward to your wonderful show in Denver.


  18. Nicole Joanna Haymes says:

    I’m a big fan and I watched you on C-SPAN last night. I was so touched that someone is reaching out to teens. What beautiful hearts you all have. It’s awkward enough to just be a teenager! But to face the unthinkable is truly remarkable and very impressive! Keep up the good work! I will spread the word!

    Santa Barbara, CA is a very wealthy town, especially the Montecito area. A lot of celebs live there, Jeff Bridges, ooh! David Crosby, I hear he’s a cool dude, Christopher Lloyd, Rob Lowe, some or all members of the ‘Beach Boys’, and Operah! The list goes on…Have you hit up anyone there for their support? I’m not financially stable, otherwise I’d be knocking on your doors already to help. Hopefully you can find someone there? I wish you all the best!


    Nicole J. Haymes

  19. Nicole Joanna Haymes says:

    I was really moved by an organization I was completely unaware of. I’m ashamed to admit. On the other hand, I see it as, we really can learn something new everyday! I tell you this from the bottom of my heart. Go and pitch this to all the celebs in Santa Barbara! February is the ‘International Film Festival’ a real ‘hob knob’ so to speak! I am truly financial unstable, or I be volunteering to be out there pitching too. By the way, I was a good public speaker during my time there as a low vision rehabilitation consultant. Due to my own chronic illness, I’ve not been able to work in any capacity. However I am still able to write. Somedays are better than others. When I’m settled and feeling a bit more stable, I would like to help raise awareness if you need me. You’re already doing such a fantastic job!

    But seriously! Hit up Santa Barbara, Ca. So many celebs with what some may snobbishly refer to as ‘Old Money’ Not all are like that. But you can meet the Woman’s Auxiliary from Santa Barbara’s Braille Institute. They have all types of fund raiser by having Polo events etc…

  20. Tara says:

    Roger, not only are you a beautiful person on the outside, but also on the inside as well. I think the work that you and Pete have done for the teens is an inspiration to others and the teens themselves. It’s teaching them to care for themselves and their fellow teens who are sharing the same difficult road. They finally feel like someone is listening, understands what they need. I intend to give to your charity wholeheartedly. We need more people in the world like you guys- caring, kind and a giving spirit. I absolutely adore the Who and especially Roger. He is what the “perfect” man is made of in my opinion! Enjoyed the 2012 Tour in Pittsburgh! Thanks for the best night of my life.

  21. Sandy says:

    Love Roger. Thank you the Who for the best concert I have ever watched. We did get hit with the storm, and I made sure I donated clothing to others.

    I wish I could have attended the Concert.

    You guys rock.

  22. Seamus says:

    Really great work on behalf of the many people affected by Hurricane Sandy and teen cancer victims. As wonderful as Ronald McDonald House is for small children, teens feel out of place and don’t want to be babied, or at least appear to be babied. I will remember them all with my Christmas donations.

    Ever since I saw your crack on TV as a child about being Roger from Oz, you were my favorite vocalist. You possessed the most masculine voice among your peers yet were capable of enormous emotional range and intelligence.

    I was a tough kid who ran away from home at 15 for several months. I lived by my wits and fists on the streets thousands of miles away from my suburban home. I had need of your voice as an inspiration. I adopted it the way kids adopt a favorite football player.

    As I outgrew my own toughness, gave up brawling and drinking, got an education and went to work at a grown-up job, I read that you had given up using your fists to get your way when you were frustrated and had learned to beat your sword into a ploughshare like Cincinnatus of old.

    Although I still admire all of my rock star heroes (even Mr. Baker who I saw drum years and years ago one memorable night in Central Park) for reasons peculiar to each of them, their talents and publicized life stories, I admire you the most for having transumuted your wrath and allowed art to heal the artist.

    You did a great Scrooge a few years back. Hope to see more of you on the stage, or on TV or in films. Along with other Who fans, I also hope to read your autobiography someday.

    Enough of gushing fandom. Back to work.

  23. Marek says:

    Great stuff Roger. Well spoken.

  24. Peter May says:

    Having witnessed Mr Daltrey’s interview on BBC this evening, I am sure that his comments about the NHS will will have brought little comfort to those awaiting or receiving treatment.

  25. Dave says:

    Why do you guys still do it? All I can say I am totally excited about the concert Friday night. Live in Carmel and my wife who is a math teacher and I are driving up to,Oakland and we will be listening to the cd on the way up. Can’t wait man.

  26. Conniehorsey says:

    I have another reason to love The Who! As the mother of a teenage son who is a cancer survivor I am so impressed with this concept and The Who’s devotion to this most worthy endeavor!!

  27. Mary says:

    I have so much respect for you Roger for the work you do with Teenage Cancer Trust and other charities over the years that you, along The Who have helped. I have lost relatives to cancer who were all in adulthood so I can’t imagine what these brave teenagers and their families must go through. I’m sure that you help many of them immensely.

  28. Sarcasmo says:

    I LOVE the Who and Roger and Pete. They gave a GREAT concert in Providence, RI. The Quadrophenia Tour was a BIG success in the US. You guys are KICKASS and look GOOD… amazing how you guys NEVER age.

    God Bless you 🙂

  29. Chris says:

    What a wonderful project – using your talents and influence to bring about such a worthwhile scheme is truly admirable. It’s taking “My Generation” to a whole new level. I saw you at the O2 in London on Saturday and was amazed at how much energy you and Pete Townshend still have – clearly having such a powerful vision for life gives you strength. You are a tremendous example for us all. I’m off now to see how I can get involved in Teen Cancer UK.

  30. Mary says:

    Hello, Roger.

    John says, “Hi.”


  31. Sue says:

    Your vision is inspiring and brings so much hope to the youngest sufferers of this awful illness and their families who are so desperately in need. The good that you are bringing to them is priceless and so very much appreciated. I truly wish there was a way for you to share this vision and collaborate within a city where the Who has a huge fan base, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame calls home and the best healthcare in the country can be found. Please, please, please consider coming to Cleveland and being a part of the new Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center to be built in 5 years.

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