Rest in peace, Harry Alberts

Harry and Michelle

“Arch Who fan Harry Alberts passed away soon after The Who’s second show in Las Vegas. At the front of the stage, with his daughter (a pilot), they grinned and smiled through the show and I managed to wave goodbye as we took their applause.

 Harry was always a welcome figure at Who shows, partly because he was a sweet guy, but also because he donated to so many Who-related charities. The cause of Harry’s death will be confirmed soon. He will be really missed by the Who family.

One gift Harry gave me is priceless : a Synclavier guitar to use with my studio system. He is survived by his daughter Lindsey, his son Alex and his partner Michelle. My sympathies go out to them all.”  ~ Pete Townshend

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“How fragile the thread of life is! 

To say the least, the news of Harry’s death came as a shock , especially after seeing him happy, with his daughter Lindsey, in my dressing room after the show in Las Vegas on Saturday. 

My thoughts and condolences are with his family and his partner Michelle at this time. A good friend who will be greatly missed.”  ~ Roger Daltrey

15 thoughts on “Rest in peace, Harry Alberts”

  1. James adkins says:

    Roger and Pete, so sad to hear of your fan and friend’s passing. My condolences go out to his family and The Who .I have been a fan of yours since the beginning.I meet you in the 70s for a brief moment which I will cherish till I pass. God bless and keep on rocking!

  2. Roger Head says:

    My condolences to the family of Harry Alberts my thoughts and prayers are with the family and to his friends especially the Who during this difficult time 🙏🙏🙏

  3. Horace Austin says:

    I never knew Harry. However, I did notice him at the last show in Las Vegas. He and Michelle were standing a couple seats away from me having the time of their lives. RIP, Harry.

  4. Gigi Barlowe says:

    Harry was a dear guy. I have great memories of our time in NY and at Who shows together. Condolences to his family.

  5. Kevin Kennedy says:

    Sorry to hear of Harry Alberts passing. Keeping his family in Prayer.

  6. Lisa says:

    Tragic news. Harry was a lovely man.May is memory be a blessing and etched into the book of life.My heart is with Pete,Roger and Harry’s family.

  7. Paul Townshend says:

    Goodbye my dear friend Harry. I will always treasure the memories of the great times we had together. My heart goes out to His fantastic kids Alex and Lindsay and of course his new found love Michelle. I will miss the colour Harry added to my life and it will take me a long time to get over the shock and sadness I feel. ❤️ RIP Harry Alberts

  8. Ron says:

    Sat next to him in Vegas, chatted a few minutes.. what a nice gentleman ..Rest In Peace Harry

  9. The Dubin Family says:

    We share in this time of grief, but also share in the love and memories of time with Harry, our cousin taken too soon. He was passionate about many things and of course the friendship and music of The Who. He spoke about you often, introduced us some years ago when you were in town and we are all going to miss him terribly.

  10. Patti Gelb Seibold says:

    So sorry to hear of Harry’s passing. We go back 49 years . He was part of our family for 7 years with his 1 st marriage to my sister at a very young age. He was a brother to me. We kept in touch through the years& a great guy. He will be sorely missed. He loved the WHO & only listened to the WHO. I was so happy he developed a deep friendship with Pete& Roger. He was a very special friend& my heart goes out to Lindsey, Alex, Michelle& the rest of his siblings. May your Memory be a Blessing.

  11. Pete Bysom says:

    If we all have to go someday, what better parting gift besides more time with loved ones could anyone possibly have than getting to see the Who again shortly before departing. Having seen them at least once in each of the past 7 decades, at 64 I sure can’t think of anything better….

  12. Danny says:

    One never forgets a Face. I remember Harry. Never formally met him. He was one of us. A Wholigan. Thoughts and prayers 🙏 to his family and circle of friends. X

  13. Daniel Francis says:

    Harry was a beautiful man. A close friend with a peaceful heart and soul. We spoke on Friday, he was looking forward to going home and away from the madness of LV. You cant replace a friend like Harry…but we can keep our memories of him alive 🙏

  14. Randy Landau says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of Harry’s passing. He always had a kind, positive word, and he, like the rest of the touring party, we’re always most welcoming to this newcomer. My condolences to his loved ones, and I hope friend’s bring them comfort, and time bring them peace.

  15. David Bolnick says:

    I went to the NYC Memorial for Harry yesterday. As we recounted our Harry stories, I spoke about how I met Harry at 17 years old, the first day of French Lab class. He came late to class so had to sit at the teacher’s Master Console. After the class started Harry, in his inimitable way, started switching on individual headphone connections and whispering “you suck,” to each of the classmates. Soon the whole class was laughing and the poor teacher did not know what was going on. Harry did not follow rules, a forever rebel and always bored of the “status quo.” We will miss you my dear friend.

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