Remembering The Ox

John Alec Entwistle

9 October 1944 – 27 June 2002. The Ox, always in our hearts.

6 thoughts on “Remembering The Ox”

  1. roy leinfuss says:

    You are missed,still the best bass player in rock. it’s nice to know that thunder is louder, because youre playing in the heavenly band,rock on with the angels!!!

  2. Paul Young says:

    I was fifteen when Who’s Next was released. Along with a few other classic rock albums from that period, it became an essential part of the soundtrack of my youth. I saw The Who play a couple of times during my teenage years and the band was incredible. Townshend leaping across the stage and windmilling his guitar, Daltrey whipping his microphone around, Moon’s frenzied attack on his drum kit. I thought Entwistle was absolutely boring. He’d just stand there, or at most take a step forward then a step back. I was more focused on the theatrics of the other three than on the musical contribution of Entwistle’s bass. I was musically ignorant.

    Fast forward to the August 2000 show at the Verizon Amphitheater in Irvine California. This was the first time I’d seen The Who play live since I was a teenager. The entire show I was absolutely mesmerized by Entwistle’s playing. I realized what I had missed at those shows when I was a teenager. Now when I play Who albums, I’m always picking out Entwistle’s complex, melodic bass lines. I’m in awe of his playing. What an extraordinary musician he was.

  3. Gareth says:

    Just an amazingly talented bass player. How he locked down Moon’s “one long fill” frenzied drumming made them perfect together. What a rhythm section! Constantly in awe to this day listening to them play.

  4. Thomas Anderson says:

    Had the pleasure of meeting John a couple of times. Got to view some of his drawings that he said he was planning to publish in a book. That never came about which is a shame because I think many Who fans would have enjoyed seeing them. I thought as an artist he was quite talented.

  5. Brian Maloney says:

    Greatest bass player of all time, and a damned good songwriter as well! Inspired my brother’s style (speak softly and turn the bass all the way up!) and still influencing his bass playing today! Thanks for the memories, John.

  6. trish says:

    Saw him in 1988 solo at a club in Edmonton, Alberta. Might have been called the Capilano which I believe is long gone. Master of the bass guitar.

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