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Sep 6, 1969 – Dunfermline, Scotland, GB

1 thought on “Sep 6, 1969 – Dunfermline, Scotland, GB”

  1. Geoff Davidson says:

    ‘Twas a Saturday and the queue outside was long.There were 3 couples in our group.We were last.The closer we got to the box office the Kinema manager kept popping outside and checking. When we were actually inside the foyer my girlfriend got the last ticket off the roll,leaving me gobsmacked.The dapper silver haired and tuxedo’d manager waved me in and declined my offer to pay.Joyous moment. Incidentally while waiting the last minute out one of the older bouncers had a bit of fun with my mate “Sorry son,you can’t come in,no red trousers allowed” My pal splutterd in vain till the bouncer winked and said “I’m only pullin’ yer pisser son,in ye go” Gig magnificent!

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