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Sep 26, 1965 – Aarhus, DK

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  1. Friendly Helper says:

    Only three minutes into this gig the audience stormed the stage and trashed everytning. From a danish newspaper:

    “It went completely wrong when The Who came on. “They were allowed to sing for exactly three minutes before the audience stormed the stage and completely covered the performers for everyone in the hall, so the concert had to be stopped,” says the Democrat. “After the short number, The Who disappeared from the stage, and the audience was stunned. Enraged that the concert was interrupted, they began to break the chairs apart and throw chair legs at the stage. After the concert, the hall looked like a battlefield that fifty wild elephants had razed.'”


    “From 1975, we have a recollection from one of the main characters, the Who guitarist Pete Townshend, who clearly remembered the concert in Aarhus-Hallen.
    Townshend says that the audience in Denmark “were really wild”, and it all got “completely out of control”, and then he gives a description that is completely in line with the descriptions quoted above.
    However, his perception of Aarhus was far from the city’s self-perception as an important university city with many young people, yes, Denmark’s second largest city and with both Den Gamle By and Aarhus Festuge. Here you have to remember that Pete Townshend lives in London and was born and raised there. For him, it was natural to perceive a small town like Aarhus as »a farming area«, i.e. an agricultural area, and he perceived the audience that smashed Aarhus-Hallen as »young farmers« – a rather rough and cash-minded audience, he adds.
    The first was not correct, but you have to give him credit for the last.

    Link to the article

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