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Sep 25, 1982 – Philadelphia, PA, US

5 thoughts on “Sep 25, 1982 – Philadelphia, PA, US”

  1. Sherman Smith says:

    I was 15 years old when i saw this show.I believe The Clash & Santana opened up.The Clash didn’t go over to well with the Philly crowd (Combat Rock) was actually happening as i remember friut & things being thrown at them.It was general admission (100,000 people)
    we ran down the steps with our cooler filled with Vodka & fruit juice- those were the days-try doing that now @ a show!! It was a bitch going to the bathroom since we were on the field(BTW) IF YOU REMEMBER THE TOILET WAS JUST ONE LONG TROUGH YOU PEED INTO.I remember seeing a guy dressed as Abraham Lincoln & it was really hot- what a weirdo!!! The BIG the Who sign across the stage was cool.I thought the band really rocked.One year before this i saw the Stones play here, oh yes & the year before that John Bonham died.

  2. Rich says:

    This was the CRAZIEST show I ever attended. To get into the stadium you had to jump over the passed out people. There were 100k + at the show and The Who were in nearly top form. They did a GREAT version of Naked Eye during the encore. I had been a both of the Capital Center shows the week before but this was the most memerable by far.

  3. Ed Murphy says:

    This was my first WHO show. I was thirteen and the descriptions above are accurate. Except, they didn’t play Naked Eye at J.F.K., it’s my all time favorite song, and I probably would’ve fainted if they had ! The Clash were booed off stage ( cringe), and there was way over 100,000 people there. Originally there was gonna be a Friday night show, but it way cancelled so everyone must’ve showed up to get in, lol. Incredible show!!! The encore was Magic Bus and Twist and Shout featuring Mickey Jagger. Awesome!!

  4. Todd Uhl says:

    The greatest band I’ve ever seen ! And I’ve seen 50 bands.

  5. Zack says:

    I was at this show I was 17. JFK Stadium, 105,000 people. The Clash made us wait forever while their roadies hung up all the military cargo netting for Combat Rock. They never took a sound check. When they finally came on stage around 3-4 pm they were awful, out of tune, confused, it was a disaster. By the 5th song the crowd was booing loudly. During the 6th song people starting throwing stuff at the stage: fruit, half eaten sandwiches, etc. They sucked. We waited another 60 minutes for the Who. They opened with: Bargain. It was an amazing show.

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