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Oct 8, 1967 – Dunfermline, Scotland, GB

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  1. Geoff Davidson says:

    Sunday night.The stage curtains flew open after some phenomenally loud guitar test.First impressions were jawdropping.Apart from the exciting loudness of “Can’t Explain” the first thing I noticed was Pete playing the bottom of a black SG whose top had been sheared off above the pickups.The break was jagged enough to have splinters which bled Pete’s fingers and the front of his yellow satin frilly shirt and white bellbottoms were splattered with his blood. Turns out this guitar had been bought at the time of both touring and recording at Gold Star Studios LA (The Who Sell Out). What I subsequently deduced was that it had been a double neck 12/6 string. It was spotted intact at the DAR Constitution Hall in Washington DC on August 13th.Also used at Anaheim Convention Center on 8th September.Between then and the Dunfermline show it had been bongo’d and split in two.It survived that show and appeared restored to doubleneck for the Savile Theatre Show on the 22nd Oct however the necks were repaired splayed instead of parallel.Can be seen on Top of the Pops “I Can See For Miles” at that time. I have read that on March 31st ’68 at the DAR Constitution Hall,Washington DC a double neck guitar was destroyed. I have to assume it was this very one?!

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