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Oct 27, 1982 – San Diego, CA, US

2 thoughts on “Oct 27, 1982 – San Diego, CA, US”

  1. This show was Epic! JACK MURPHY STADIUM! I worked at and now own Apex Music.
    The local Pro Audio Music Store. We were hired to deliver Backline gear to John Cougar Mellencamp’s Band.
    The Line up was Loverboy, Melloncamp and the Who!
    I backed my companies truck down the ramp loaded out all the Peavey Renown 2-12 amps and CS800’s for the 412 Cabinets. Still trying to get paid! The rest is history.
    I was One of 3 people allowed in the front Pit during the Who Show! WOW!!!! The photo’s in my gallery are great. Just watching the Who on stage Live! I will never forget that night!
    That’s when music was! Keep on Rockin’.
    The energy is still there!

  2. Marc Starcke says:

    Hi Steven, I know it’s been 7 1/2 years since you posted this. That’s awesome that you were in the pit for this show. You mentioned here that you have great photos in your gallery. Where can I see your gallery? Thanks,

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