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Oct 11, 1969 – Detroit, MI, US

2 thoughts on “Oct 11, 1969 – Detroit, MI, US”

  1. Dave Moross says:

    These two shows (this one and the next night) were not at the Grande Ballroom. They were at the Grande Riviera, an old theater a couple mile further out on Grand River Avenue from the ballroom. Cost $4.50 to get in and the fire marshal almost closed it down because people were packed into the aisles up and down the steps of the balcony. By this point in the year, people were very familiar with Tommy, which The Who did perform in its entirety. The crowd sang along to most of it. Keith Moon was happy and brilliant. Alice Cooper, who was on the same bill, batted softballs into the audience during his performance. I think there was another band, called Sky, on stage before him. But it was The Who’s night, one of my most memorable ever. A special thanks to the group of four people (there were five of us – two guys and three girls) who warned us not to walk along a certain block on our way to the building from where we parked. They’d been held up and robbed of all their money, and couldn’t go to the show. We took another route and got in unmolested.

  2. Ken Porter says:

    My sidekick best friend Dennis Duncan and I had girlfriends Linda and Rita Dmith in London, Ontario.
    We drove there and brought them back to see The Who play the entire Tommy album non stop. One of many forever memories of The Grande Ballroom.

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