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November 24 – Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI

4 thoughts on “November 24 – Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI”

  1. oitto says:

    Felt like the boys were saying goodbye to the Motor City. Very good show overall, despite some technical difficulties.

  2. hooboolegs says:

    Don’t miss this tour. They’re as good as ever. Great production, superb sound, and Roger & Pete still rock harder than anyone else alive. Roll on Hamilton in February.

  3. Jason Krasienko says:

    What a great show . You guys still bring the energy and the rock . long live the who

  4. Kevin Marrical says:

    My fifteenth Who show and the best ever! You boys were tight, Roger’s voice was impeccable and Pete ..well what can be said…still the greatest guitar player in the world. Best wishes on the rest of the tour!

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