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November 23 – Air Canada Center, Toronto, ON

7 thoughts on “November 23 – Air Canada Center, Toronto, ON”

  1. hooboolegs says:

    Amazing! Best Quadrophenia show ever. Onwards to Detroit.

  2. Joe How says:

    If you’re wondering if The Who has still got it, the answer is – YES! Went to the show in Toronto on Friday evening and it was great. Any past issues with the live performance of Quadrophenia are GONE! The band did a great job of showing that live rock performances can be art; the show used a good mix of special effects without overdoing it. The tribute pieces for the two missing members were very well done. The classic tunes at the end of the show were played with passion and the sound was tight through the whole show – overall, a great performance all around. I think the crowd would have stayed all night if the band had kept going. Pick up a ticket to this show and go see it while you can. I do not recommend floor level tickets unless you pay the big bucks for the first few rows. The floor level seats were jammed tight and everyone stood up as soon as the band started playing, so floor level seating really meant standing room only.

  3. CogDog says:

    My girlfriend just heard Thursday that this show was in town and we bought last minute tickets, and could not be happier to have seen this incredible show (my last one was Philly in 1982). It sound great even way up high in the back of the ACC.

    The sound was so tight, especially the energy of Zac Starkey on drums. I am amazes at how powerful and solid Daltrey’s voice is, and Pete of course, brings it all to the power to the classic sounds.

    I have some doubts about some of those photos posted above were from this show- Pete was not wearing a suit jacket (he had a gray long sleeve pullover) and SImon Townsend wore a white t-shirt and no ski cap.

    To hear Quadrophenia in its entirety was just a dream come true.

    I’m headed home to Arizona and will have to consider getting to Glendale on Feb 6!

  4. kevin ball says:

    Just got back from Toronto and I live in Dartmouth N.S. The Who were amazing last night, saw them in 1996 in Manchester in the Nymex centre but last night they were incredible and got a nice CD of Simon Townshend’s new album and got to meet him and had the CD signed by Simon. What a night just amazing.

  5. Paul Spaven says:

    I worked with Dennis Bremner in the film industry in the Uk. He was the lighting guy they sent off with Keith Moon to keep him out of trouble when the band were filming.
    They’re both gone now but what a legacy and how great to see Zack Starkey continue that legacy.
    Maestro Townsend and his Bro play like f@#* and Daltrey , with his superb voice and presence, makes me wish I didn’t drink beer!
    Quadrophenia was my time……go see it, it’s one of the top 5 concerts you will ever see.
    I only wish we were all 30 yrs younger so we could expect a return visit…………………….

  6. Dan says:

    A true masterpiece ..
    Over the span of thirty two years I have been following this iconic band. And they just keeping in getting better.
    Kudos to all the band members . Especially Zac!
    Sound and lighting was amazing !!
    Can’t wait to see them in Febuary.
    Also, no thanks to the lame ass radio station q107.
    Who refuses to play The Who.
    Long live TheWho!!

  7. Glenn Jackson says:

    Thanks for another great performance of Quadrophenia.I travelled all the way from Alberta to see this concert,as well as the Grey Cup game.I’m disappointed,however,that no shows have been announced for Western Canada.I’m sure the people of Vancouver,Calgary,Edmonton&Winnipeg would love to see this performance.Anyhow,I hope the rest of the tour goes well&hope to see the show again out west.

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