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November 20 – Bell Center, Montreal, Quebec

8 thoughts on “November 20 – Bell Center, Montreal, Quebec”

  1. peter payne says:

    well i just want to say thankyou pete and roger and the band for a great concert in montreal it was one of the best shows i have seen the who play for ten years and i had traveled from lanzarote to see this show with my daughter.this concert was a great new production from 97 tour and it works very well and the lighting film work goes brill to gether with past friends that are no longer with us anymore but remebered very well in this show .nice to see kieth and the ox doing there part.and i can say that the pinball wizard song was the best verion i have ever seen sounds so fresh just like the other songs that where played so yes the who have done it right and brought the 1973 in to 2012/13 brillantly a very well done to all that worked so hard to get it right.cant wait for the uk shows next year as i say it cost a lot of money for me and my daughter to come to canada to see it and we are very happy bunnys so a big thankyou to the who that rocked canada montreal centre bell hard 🙂

  2. What an evening!!

    What can I say…I’m speechless…Great performance, great sound, great crowd.
    We drove from up North Quebec to Montreal. (It’s a 6 hours drive)and it was worth every second. (Even though I got a speeding ticket…*sigh*)

    Last I saw The Who was in 1997 in that same venue.

    Thank you Pete and Roger for a memorable night.

    …and our thoughts are with Chris.

    Merci beaucoup!

  3. Carl Balzamo says:


    Spectacular show!The tributes to John and Keith

    were absolutely stunning.

    Vintage Trouble were also excellent as support.


  4. Julien Poirier says:

    What an incredible show at the Bell Centre! It was my first time seeing The Who (hopefully not my last). I live in New Brunswick, Canada and we don’t have big rock acts come by often. It was well worth the trip to Montreal.
    Every aspect of the show was great: the lights, the videos/tributes, and the music. Pete, you were impeccable on guitar & vocals; and Roger, your voice was incredible! The whole band was really amazing.
    It had been a dream of mine to see the windmill, and hear a Daltry scream. I am forever grateful that I had the chance to experience The Who in concert. I will never forget that night.
    Thank you!

  5. Robyn says:

    Hi! I just wanted to say what a fantastic show, and I wanted to thank the guy on the sound desk who gave me a The Who 2012 Olympics guitar pick for my baby (I am due any day now!). That was such a lovely gesture and I wish I could have found you after to get a picture of you and me for my baby book. I really really really appreciated it. Enjoy the rest of the tour, and see you again in Montreal soon!

    Oh, and the band signing the t-shirt I bought woulda been pretty cool too. I can give you my mailing address if you want 🙂

    On a side note, the security stopping a man from ‘rocking out’ air guitar style at the bell centre was wrong. That venue is so stale. Come to the Metropolis next time. Smaller but oh so much sweeter. xx

  6. Frank Halaburak says:

    this was my 3rd Who show. 1st was Philadelphia’82, 2nd was Montreal’97.
    This show blew me away ! #1 for me.
    The sound was great but drums and
    bass were a little low in the mix. That’s
    to give Roger and Pete’s ears a break I guess? The visuals were stunning !! The
    Keith Moon tribute on Bell Boy was amazing !
    Thank You Roger and Pete and the rest of the
    band for rocking my world.

  7. Cate says:

    Unlike so many, this was my first Who concert, I like the album alot so I decided to go. I’m younger than most maybe who went but I see alot of concerts and I was so happy I bought tickets up close. They are so professional, put out amazing effort and I gotta say, Roger you look amazing!Thanks so much for being out there and giving people like me a chance to see you.

  8. Richard Giguere says:

    Second time I got to see them, and this time brought my 13 year old son who knew Quadrophenia by heart !

    I was totally impressed by how good everything was on that night, and the energy level of all the band was amazing, as if it was 1973.

    No single highlight, an amazing overall performance.

    Plus – Roger’s “before we go to jail” intro to second set brought to life the infamous story about 1973’s after concert night in jail, actually just a block away from the venue.

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