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18 thoughts on “Nov 3, 2012 – Amway Center, Orlando, FL”

  1. Bil Click says:

    Great show at the Amway Center in Orlando tonight! Lots of energy and super backing musicians. Zac really kicked ass on the kit! Really enjoyed seeing The Who one more time!

    *Suggestion* turn up the synthesizer on Won’t Get Fooled Again!

    1. Vinny LoCascio says:

      It was a very mellow Won’t Get Fooled Again…

  2. Jon Dupee says:

    Well I just got back from The Who show in Orlando and all I can say is WOW. What a difference from the Ft. Lauderdale show just 2 days ago. They have certainly worked out almost all of the bugs. The only weak part of the show was probably the first song, Can You See the Real Me, which seemed a little lackluster. After this Pete Townshend took over the show and began to play guitar like a man possessed. Windmilling and banging out chords like a rock god!!! He was clearly determined to redeem himself for his uneven and uninspired performance in Ft Lauderdale which culminated in his storming off the stage at the beginning of Baba O’Reilly. The newspapers attributed this to Pete complaining that the stage monitors were too loud. Daltrey said he was having problems with his guitar.Tonight Quadrophenia was performed almost flawlessly. We then got 7 songs, as opposed to 5 in Ft. Lauderdale. Baba, Who Are You and Behind Blue Eyes were repeated. But we also got The Kids Are Alright, Anyway Anyhow, Won’t Get Fooled Again and a relatively new tune performed by just Roger and Pete called Tea With You. I was really glad to see that there will be some variance in the greatest hits set of songs that follows Quadrophenia. I will probably be seeing this show at least another 5 times in the next four months and it will be a lot more interesting not knowing for sure what songs we will get on a given night. This show was hands down way better than the Lauderdale show and those going to the South and North Carolina shows should be very happy with the energy level of the band. Wish I could continue on to Atlanta but unfortunately I have to go back to work. God I love The Who

  3. Butch says:

    I was at the Orlando show and enjoyed it!

  4. carl says:

    Any pictures of merchandise?

  5. Joe says:

    It was a great performance in Orlando. The show was well done and the stand out in my view was 5:15 and how they used video clips to enhance the jam. Pete and Roger were marvelous and obviously into it. They also enjoy the post Quadrophenia songs getting back to some of their favorites. The show is definitely a treat for their long time Who Freaks who have insight into their music. Ending the night with Tea & Theatre was so appropriate for two lifelong friends enjoying playing music together and inviting their fans to the private party.

    Thank you Roger & Pete

  6. Bob McPeek says:

    I have seen the Who 9 times, dating back to the 1967 tour with Herman’s Hermits (I was 15) and Woodstock. This is my favorite show by far. I loved every minute, but especially the amazing seamless incorporation of Entwistle and Moon’s recorded performances with the live music. What came across to me is that Pete and Roger really cared about making this tour special for long-times fans… and that these two have come to respect and love one another and their departed bandmates. I felt like this show was just for me and I appreciate the richness the Who have brought to my life.

  7. Joseph Hayes says:

    A superb show, more than 40 years after I first saw them. The choice of Quadrophenia (magnificently, in full) is a daring one for musicians in their late 60s – Townshend was far enough away from the mod scene what birthed him at 27 to have perspective on fame and post-war life, but young enough to still think he might live forever, regardless of his attempts otherwise, and the four-strong band was playing at its full and manic heights. Now, The Two know this could be their actual, much ballyhooed final tour, but the playing and intensity, at least on this night in Orlando (of all places) was extraordinary. Much impressed by Simon Townshend on guitar and Zak Starkey on drums; nostalgic and weepy from the brilliantly incorporated video of John Entwistle’s killer solo from 2000 and Keith Moon’s performance from 1974 (“Who’s going to sing Bellboy,” I asked. Moonie, that’s who!) Judging by reports from the show in Sunrise, sound is a problem, and whoever was riding the mics last night got some VERY filthy looks from Pete and a few cries of “What are you doing?” from me, but the dimwit who posted on the Orlando Sentinel blog, claiming that Daltry was using recorded backing tracks for his vocals, while not being at the show himself, hasn’t a clue. The boys were amazing, the show was far more than I expected,and drinks afterwards at Rusty Spoon (to add a food note) were perfect.

  8. Vinny LoCascio says:

    I loved it!

  9. Ed Kellerman says:

    Terrific show, musically, vocally, visually, aurally, sonically, and conceptually.

  10. Pat Akers says:

    The band put on a great show Saturday night in Orlando. Despite all the technical advances since the album was first released, Quadrophenia requires a great deal of musicianship (and patience, I would imagine) to execute onstage. The band did a wonderful job of bringing this challenging work of beauty to life.

    Although there have been a fair amount of media comments about the sound mix at these two shows (so far), much of that can be attributed to the acoustic vagaries of each of the venues. This contributed to to some of the synths and keyboards getting buried in the mix, and unfortunately Pete’s acoustic guitar got buried at times, as well. Lastly on the negative side of the sound mix, although Zak Starkey was putting on a true master class in drumming throughout the evening, the drums sounded somewhat muddied and muted at times. Definitely wasn’t his fault, as his performance was one of the evening’s highlights. It was just disappointing, considering the powerful role the drums play in propelling a number of Quadrophenia songs.

    Modest sound issues aside, there were a number of things that were spot on. First off, the horn section was wonderfully incorporated into the mix, and their work on “5:15” makes it one of the evening’s show-stoppers. Pino and Simon did a great job of fleshing out the sound while clearly having a great time watching Pete and Roger breathe new life into this work. Which brings us to the two men at the front of the stage.

    Many people are wondering how Roger’s voice is going to sound, noting some uneven performances in recent outings. Bottom line: he’s sounding great. Really. To be fair, there are a number of notes that he doesn’t attempt to hit. But why should he? Would you rather see him blow his voice in the first 30 minutes, or conserve his voice and give you a great two-and-a-half-hour show? The choice is obvious.

    Saving the best for last, Pete was in great spirits and was committed not only to the material but to the audience experience, as well. As best I can recall, he was the only member of the band who never left the stage during the entire show. And Saturday’s show was one long set: after Quadrophenia, the band dove directly into its catalog. In addition to playing all three CSI theme songs, the band pulled out a couple of classics from the mod era: “Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere” and “The Kids Are Alright.” Inspired choices to cap off an inspiring evening.

    Great job, everyone. Truly wonderful.

  11. Heidi Miller says:

    I waited 33 years to see this how and I was not disappointed. In fact it was everything I had hoped for … and more! The way John and Keith were brought to life during the show was just magnificent. By the way, I was the one that yelled “We love you Keith” during a quiet moment! I couldn’t help myself.
    After the show I was compelled to drive home and watch “The kids are alright”. Couldn’t help myself there, either!
    Thank you all for making one of my dreams come true!

  12. LRB says:

    The miscues of Ft. Lauderdale were a thing of the past in Orlando! The band fired on all cylinders!! I was so glad to be able to see the concert with my wife, daughter and sister in law. Simon, thanks for signing my 16 year old daughter’s phone case in Ft. Lauderdale and remembering her in Orlando!! Quadrophenia is STILL the best rock and roll album of all time, and to see and hear it live again was as close to a religious experience as one can get. Roger and Pete: stay healthy!!

  13. Vinny says:

    I’m still thinking about the show- my favorite band playing my favorite album. I loved it so much, I’m sorry I said anything negative in any way in earlier comments. I loved it so much, I’m just sitting here thinking about how, when, and where I will see it again because I really want to see this Quadrophenia show at least a couple more times…

  14. Tony says:

    Can anyone tell me how long the show is and what time (approx) it ends? We have tickets and hope to take our son to the show but I’m worried about how late it might go for someone who usually goes to bed at 8. 🙂


  15. TK says:

    Traveled from London to see the Orlando gig & dragged my apprehensive wife & 8yr old daughter along too! By the end of the show The Who had gained two new fans. They loved it.

    It was worth every penny to witness such a milestone album being performed live for the first time in 15yrs.

  16. gary odonnell says:

    went to the orlando gig from london great show .my daughter and i loved it and the americans made us very welcome . after the show the police shut the road onto the i 4 ,we where diverted into west down town very scary indeed. long live the who

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