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Nov 29, 1973 – Chicago, IL, US

1 thought on “Nov 29, 1973 – Chicago, IL, US”

  1. Mark Wix says:

    Happy 40th anniversary to Roger and Pete,

    This performance and that at Merrriweather Post Pavillion in May 1969 (the tickets were imprinted with the name of the 2nd band on the bill, Lead (sic) Zepplin) were my 2 favorite concerts by the Who. I remember the encore in 69 was “Magic Bus ” whereas in Chicago there was none and rightly so as the concert concluded with a stupendous rendition of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” – like reaching the crest of a mountain, the only way was down…thanks to all members of the Who past & present for great music and memories over the years…best wishes, Mark

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