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June 30 – Echo Arena

3 thoughts on “June 30 – Echo Arena”

  1. Nicky Carr says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed last night My first experience of The Who live and I was certainly not disappointed I felt privileged to see Quadrophenia in full and with the imagery behind the band enhancing everything, it seems that finally the album has come of age I particularly enjoyed the moments with Keith Moon and John Entwhistle as they are no longer with us Those moments were particularly poignant and moving Finishing on some old classics was brilliant I only wish I had seen the band before to have heard a wider selection of the back catalogue, saying that Quadrophenia was always a favourite of mine and it’s rare for albums to be played in their entirety All in all an excellent show and one I won’t forget for some time!

  2. Steve Page says:

    I don’t know what’s been going on but the shows just keep getting better and better – don’t stop guys, the best is yet to come.

  3. Ste Walsh says:

    Our day started in Liverpool at around 1.30 with a visit to the one of Liverpools scooter clubs party’s with beer and mod music. Then over to the Albert dock for some more beer and ace face watching.
    Then onto the concert which was truly amazing. The old guys did themselves proud and you could almost be forgiven that you were driving your car with the Quad cd on full blast it was that good.
    My fav renditions were Bellboy with Keith Moons voice over and baba o’reily.
    I’ve just watched an old sky arts programme with the who playing quadrophenia back in the 90 s and they seem to have got better and better.

    More please

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