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June 28 – LG Arena

3 thoughts on “June 28 – LG Arena”

  1. Neil says:

    The last time I saw the Who was in 1982, just over the road at the NEC. I have to say, last night was a great improvement. Actually, I thought the stage show was stunning. I was a little disappointed beforehand, because I was very much looking forward seeing Zak Starkey in action, but Scott Devours more than made up for it. He was fantastic. In fact, the whole band were great. As for Roger and Pete, wow. Everyone keeps going on about how old they are and how much they put into the show and I find it a little a bit condescending: “Aah, look at what the old ‘uns can still do!”. People, they aren’t old…just matured!
    Quadrophenia has never sounded better. I was almost ready to write that this is the definitive version. Lets have a DVD!!
    There were tears in my eyes quite a few times and as Tea and Theatre came to an end I almost totally blew it.
    No other band has ever reached me emotionally as much as The Who has and I was able to show my wife why last night. She isn’t a big Who fan, although she loves Tommy, having helped with a stage production on the continent a few years ago, but last night blew her away.
    Cheers lads, that was a good ‘un.
    And why would we want to go to Glastonbury?
    By the way, I think we booing Mrs Thatcher, not Princess Diana. Well, I was!

  2. andy warlow says:

    Absolutely blown away last night at the LG, awesome performance all round, legends 😉

  3. Steve Page says:

    Yes, the Princess Diana footage immediately follows that of Baroness Thatcher, or Athena perhaps as she should be known? – “She’s a bomb”!?

    I agree that it was the best Who show in Brum for donkeys years, the Quad performance was incredible which I think affected the “and more” section a bit?

    I did have a bit of a boo at the Stones though!

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