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June 23 – Manchester Arena

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  1. mark says:

    Tony is dead right with his review of last nights gig, well balanced for a Who freak:). For me 5.15 was a definite highlight, but although I thought the homage to John (and Keith) was brill’, Pete was soloing like a man possessed and actually I was hoping he wasn’t going to back off for the John section to burst in, but that’s just me, and I’d seen John do it live anyway. There will never be another band like The Who, on other occasions I have felt for Roger, who’s voice seemed to be struggling with the rigours of Who material, but he really is a true rock God, he nails it every time, what a man!!!!!!!!!
    I think the ghost has been laid, anyone there last night can say they’ve seen Quadrophenia played the way it should be played.

  2. geoff cook says:

    What can you say, what a concert to see on my birthday, they were just out of this world,john and keith’s’solo’s mind blowing,roger’s voice WOW,pete’s guitar playing – All i can say is what a night manchester was -BRILLANT-A MUST FOR ANY MUSIC FAN

  3. Cristina Beltran-Zavala says:


  4. francesca whelan says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more….great article!! I’ve seen Quad 13x this tour; seeing them at Wembley for my final 14th show; can’t wait!

    I saw the WHO as my first concert in 1976 with Keith Moon; I was hooked even before that, but seeing them perform is the TOPS! Up until 1979, I always paid for close up seats (1st three rows).

    As I got older, I always went to their shows, but took whatever came of out the Ticketmaster pot luck of tickets, needless to say, never being THAT close up again.

    My husband always tells me to treat myself to something; of course, as a mom, you always sacrifice and get something for the kids instead of yourself.

    So, I treated myself to 14 shows; best mid-life crisis EVER; soooo glad to have had this opportunity to see the greatest band of all time! 🙂 LONG LIVE ROCK!

    PS I went to shows with Lisa Ann Volpe, WHO took absolutely beautiful videos of our 1st row vantage points…look he up on YouTube; you WON’T be sorry…..also view her Simon Townshend videos and see him solo if you get the chance…he’s brilliant!!!!

  5. Steve Page says:

    This was the third time I had been to the MEN arena to see The Who – 1997. 2000 and now 2013.

    It had a lot to live up to last night as I rate the 2000 show the best concert by any band I have attended.

    The only reason Sundays show did not top that was the absence of John Entwistle, other wise it was superb.

    The 02 performance had surprised me by its quality but this was even better. All B/S aside, thank you guys.

  6. Sharon Griffin says:

    First saw them over 30 years ago. Every gig has been a life highlight, with moments of sheer out of this world, spirit-lifting thrill and excitement. Last night was no exception, except perchance , for the addition of a feeling of collective reflection and appreciation for times past. Thanks so much, guys, for all of that and especially for making me fell the same way you did when I was so much younger.

  7. Steve Page says:

    I hope your hearings O.K. If you have been in the fist 3 rows for all those shows Francesca!

    I had my hearing aids in for the Manchester show to get the top end back!

  8. Gary Vernall says:

    Went to these guys at men arena in manchester june this year, I came out with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye it was sheer awsomeness.the who at there best, if you love the who and havent been to see them then you are missing out on something very special in the music world

  9. John Grogan says:

    Ive been a huge fan of the band since I was 9years old in the late seventies and never had the chance to see the Who live until the’89 tour at wembley.I was blown away{and emotional!} back then- far beyond expectations.However,if anyone would have so much hinted they”d still be a serious contender for the greatest live act on the planet in 2013,I would have reluctantly disagreed…
    Ive witnessed impressive shows on every tour over the years{including a brilliant night in Manchester back in 2000 with John on bass of course,along with Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros playing support}.The show on Sunday,for me though,was the finest Ive ever seen them play.Roger was faultless-Clarity,passion and power.His recent nodule removal on his vocal cords Im sure has given the Quadrophenia material a huge new lease of life as well as the man also taking charge on the new production.Petes playing was inspired and magical,surely driven by the awesome musicians sharing the stage-but tonight proved to me why Mr Townshend is up there with the great guitarist/singer/composers.This incredible album has,at last,been truly justified live.
    God bless John and keith..I could go on..Long live Rock..Long live the ‘Orrible ‘Oo

  10. Anthony Green says:

    When the music gives you goosebumps you know you are feeling real music that’s what this show in Manchester did to me.
    Me and my girlfriend travelled from Wolverhampton as I am gigging in a band on Friday night the night of The Birmingham show. So we paid stupid money for front row seats from a tout site. So no superstar treatment or nice lithograph just front row seats just under Roger. We have never paid this expensive for a gig before and probably won’t ever again. Roger did throw me a bottle of water which now to most people will just be a plastic bottle, to me it’s something I will always keep.
    So was it worth it ? Oh you bet it was worth every penny going through every emotion possible now that’s real music. Fantastic show. I have seen The Who around 5 times over the years including Quadrophinia in Hyde Park. Also Roger doing Tommy. This one was special though with great tributes to Keith and John too. I don’t normally write reviews as you can probably tell, but I can’t stop going on about this gig truly fantastic.
    Beg, borrow or steal sell the dog, sell the cat, sell your soul, but do not miss this show its simply stunning. If i had anything left to sell I would travel to Liverpool Sunday but unfortunately I am not a millionaire or any where close. Quadrophonia a way of life for many of us.

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