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June 20 – Metro Radio Arena

4 thoughts on “June 20 – Metro Radio Arena”

  1. Bobe Campbell says:

    Travelled down from Scotland with my son to see his first who gig.He was blown away with them as i was.They just seem to get better & better every time you see them.Thanks again Pete Rog & the boys for a great night.

  2. Paul Cook says:

    I went to the Metro Arena and was blown away, it was brilliant I have wanted to see the Who for years but never thought that the day would arrive. Daltrey’s voice was great and what can you say about the legend that is Townsend on the guitar. I was grinning all through the concert what a great night.

    A big Thanks to the Band I could have died a happy man that night!!!

  3. rahula armstrong says:

    I waited 30 Years to see The Who and it was amazing,the best thing i have ever seen,you have made my life.

  4. Billy Smith says:

    I went to see The Who at Newcastle with my grandad. We had our Harrington jacket and desert boots on. The tribute band were great but when The Who came on, the sound was fantastic. You always have that man who shouts: ROGER!!! The incredible voice of Roger and the amazing solos of Pete blown us away

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