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June 15 – O2 Arena

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  1. steve page says:


    The montages playing in the “City on the edge of forever” portals were really good. Another suggestion though, how about a piece of film from the Falklands to show we have occasionally done something right since 1945!

  2. Alessandra says:

    For me it all started on the night of March 20, 2012 when, convinced by my wholigan husband, I went to see Roger Daltrey. From that moment on, it exploded in me a passion for the Who. Listening to songs, read articles, study English, try to understand the several interview I find on web. After months of visits blog, I find the announcement the Who tour in the UK and Europe. Imagine! I joined the fan club, I bought presale tickets for the show of June 15, booked the airplane tickets, booked the hotel and … I have lived, waiting for the concert. Just like children when expect a major event …
    Friday, June 14: Departure from Florence (where I come from) for London late arrival.
    Saturday, June 15, visited London, then around 18:00 we go to O2 arena.
    We had booked our seats in the second row of the sector c1: a bit far for a fan unleashed.
    The excitement increases, the atmosphere is charged with expectation: Vintage Trouble fantastic increase energy … 20.30 the lights go out, I’m the sea begins. I see the shapes on the stage of Roger and Pete: can not be true, I’m dreaming … The Real Me started I could not resist, I have a strong race from under the stage to jump and cheer our fantastic Who! Thanks Roger and thanks Pete, you made me ​​a return teen ager at the age of 49. I will never forget!

  3. Salenbauch says:

    I came from Ellwangen near Stuttgart in South Germany with my two sons Francis and Paul,aged 10 and 8.
    All my travels to London were in connection with a Who gig. Very special and tight was Sheppherds bush 23th of december in 1999 and 3 years before the Hide Park concert of Quadrophenia!!
    best regards
    from Rudy

  4. Jason Price says:

    Best concert ever, did not know if i should look at the band or the screens as both were amazing, thing that made the night for me and the mrs was the two old boys sat next to us , rocking and singing in their seats , i was born in 73 , these two old fellas first see the who at the goldhawlk, had a laugh with them , bought them a beer,……best moment of my life , humbled me, would love to see them again as THEY were the ACE FACES

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