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Jun 23, 1989 – Toronto, ON, CA

1 thought on “Jun 23, 1989 – Toronto, ON, CA”

  1. Rod says:

    The first time seeing The Who! This was a show added after selling out the following night. I believe there were about 50 00 to 60 000 people at this show and about 80 000 the following night. This is Who territory!

    Myself and a friend had flown to Toronto from the East coast after High school graduation to see this show.We had tickets in the 20th row on John’s side.

    We were a few minutes late for the show and when we walked in and saw Pete playing Acid Queen it was unbelievable. Up to that time, who ever that they would play again?

    A truly amazing experience! There were no low points just an excellent time.

    BTW, seeing a football stadium filled with reserved seating is not something I’ve seen since!

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