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Jun 14, 1970 – Anaheim, CA, US

1 thought on “Jun 14, 1970 – Anaheim, CA, US”

  1. Paul Robitaille says:

    I not only attended this show, but had a back stage pass… I was 17 at the time. I took a picture of Pete at his dressing room, and he was shaking the hand of a photographer, wearing his white Boiler Suit, Boots, and carrying a Red Gibson SG Pro (I believe). In the background of the picture, Roger Daltry was sitting on a couch, talking with John Sebastian.

    After the Who’s set, I walked on stage, while Roger was off to the side chatting up the ladies, and actually got a pair of Keith’s drumsticks! I remember walking towards them and Roger saying Keith’d kill me if he came out and saw me! Guess it’s a good thing he didn’t come out!

    I will be seeing the band once again Feb 8 2013 at the HArd Rock, Las Vegas. Can’t wait!

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