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July 8 – Wembley Arena

9 thoughts on “July 8 – Wembley Arena”

  1. Richard says:

    As usual a fantastic show..4th row from the front so I was in heaven. This was about by 16th Who show and the 3rd time I have seen Quadrophenia performed. 1st time was in 2010 at the RAH and then a few weeks ago at the O2. The Who never disappoint…So emotional to see John and Keith play their part as well. Every time I go a Who gig it feels like going for a drink with old mates. They have been in my life since I was 13 back in 1981 so unfortunately I missed the 70’s. Pete said it might be a long time before we see another show…Oh well…now he has got the book out of the way (great read by the way) how about another album……!!!! Thanks for the memories boys…Love Reign o’er me!!!

  2. alex says:

    seen em from sixty’s just great in Dublin and better at Wembley great shows thank you who,quads means the same now as then,wont get fooled again the best rock song of all time
    just happy now and old and proud

  3. Selina Karrer says:

    Dear Members of “The Who”
    My parents and I would like to thank you for the “out of this world” experience we had at your concert at the Wembley Arena last Monday.
    I am 12 years old, live in Switzerland, and was so much looking forward to your concert. The meeting with Simon Townshend before the concert was real exciting. And then the concert – your music is so amazing and together with the show it was an absolutely fabulous and stunning experience. I will surely treasure the memory of this great concert for the rest of my life.
    What I also really appreciated, was that one of your cars stopped while leaving the Wembley Arena to hand me over some of your guitar picks. I couldn’t believe my luck and was therefore too speechless to express my gratitude properly. I couldn’t recognize the kind man behind the wheel and the lovely lady, but they rolled down their window and pointed to me saying; “You little girl, come over here”. I was stunned and extremely happy to receive these guitar picks that you’ve played with. Thank you so very much.
    With much gratitude and admiration.
    Yours truly,

  4. phil culshaw says:

    went to see the who at liverpool,they were fantastic as good as the records,the atmosphere was modtastic,it as been said before ,but most of there lyrics still mean so much ,even today,best band ever

  5. Gordon Findlay says:

    We travelled down from Glasgow for this gig and were not disappointed, in fact it blew us away. Everything was wonderful. And the tributes to John & Keith where fantastic and very emotional.
    Saw Roger & Simon do Tommy and this complements that.
    And thanks to Roger and Pete for the Andy Murray message. Did anybody captured it, by the time I got my phone out, it was gone.

  6. Luile says:

    I went all the way form my country (Panamá) to see the Who in Washington, last year. This tour and show, are all what about the WHO are. Passion, history, the best rock music ever one can ask for and a great band always connected to the fans.

  7. Mark says:

    Personally,I didn’t think it was as good as the RAH shows from a few years ago.Can’t argue with the staging & quality of the production,but it felt a little “end of tour” weary for me. Contrary to what Townshend said on the night about it not being “nostalgia”, that’s precisely what it is,but there’s nothing wrong with that when it’s done like this.
    Deep down we all know we go to see them in the hope they play the “classic songs”, (all the more galling to have to endure “You better..”)none of the crowd at Wembley the other night,especially the daft old pillocks in their flip flops shouting “we are the mods” go to hear anything recorded much after 1978, so why Pete gets so sniffy about nostalgia is a mystery.
    And Pete, would it have killed you to have mixed up the encore set list a bit? The same bunch of songs for pretty much the whole tour- throw in “Squeeze Box” or “The Seeker”, it smacks of lazy Ness to rely on the same few tunes, imagine Dylan or Springsteen doing that?
    Anyway,a decent night out but could have been a great one.

  8. Bert van Berkel says:

    I come from the Netherlands. Last week I missed the concert in Amsterdam. I was sad all weekend. On Sunday i decided to go to the concert at Wembley Arena. I went together with my sons Kees and Thijs of 23 and 22 years. We are all great fans. I since my youth in the sixties and seventies and my sons since their early youth because i never stopped listening The Who albums. In a pub near Wembly we met a father and son from Plymouth. Nigel and Jake. We all couldn’t stop talking about The Who. The concert was really fantastic. We enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. The power, the energy and the quality of the show gave us goose pops from the beginning to the end. I am so happy we went. We will never forget we we were part of a pre-historic event.

  9. alex says:


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