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July 3 – Bercy Arena

3 thoughts on “July 3 – Bercy Arena”

  1. Giuseppe Maranghi says:

    The place is worth a trip, this should write Michelin Guide about any location where there is a concert of The Who.
    The tribute to John and Keith, and other friends, was priceless!



    Elena e Giuseppe Maranghi – Laveno, Italia

  2. François says:

    My first Who show was in Poitiers in 73 for the Quad european tour. This one was my 5th and maybe the best. Missing Quadrophenia on stage in a great mood and pure classic orchestration was my big regret. Thank you for offering this great music. Long live the Who !

  3. Carlo Soverchia says:

    I can say: “i was here!!!”

    Long live rock!

    Thanks guys!

    Carlo Soverchia from Rome (Italy)

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