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Jan 28, 2013 – Honda Center, Anaheim, CA

5 thoughts on “Jan 28, 2013 – Honda Center, Anaheim, CA”

  1. C says:

    Amazing! History in the making those guys totally rock

  2. Chuckie says:

    “Why should I care?…..” Because, The Who are the best band out there, that’s why you should care. Fantastic show on Monday night at the Honda Center in Anaheim. I was fortunate enough to catch the gig with my sister, my best friend and my two older sons. (2nd generation Slip Kids, they are). We all loved it. A night we’ll never forget. And just think: my sons are age 10 and 7. If they live for over a hundred years they’ll be telling the kids of the 22nd Century what it was like to see and hear The Who in person. (Like meeting someone today who knew Beethoven!) Long live The Who!

  3. T92780 says:

    Great show, so glad I got to see and hear Qudrophenia live.

  4. James Noriega says:

    My third Who concert. I think this one was the best. My favorite band playing my favorite album. The whole band was great. Roger sounded really good, and Pete’s guitar playing was amazing. Zak Starkey’s drumming just gets better and better, and is sounding more like Keith Moon’s. Quadrophenia live is a must see.

  5. Ed says:

    I have seen the Who several times over the years. This is a band that I tend to get sentimental over, they have played a role in my inner life. The show in Anaheim was just simply off the charts. The musicianship was tight and inspired, they let it all hang out. After the show I felt a bit nostalgic, I wanted to chase them down and see the show again. I still might, it was that good. I don’t want the magic to end…

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