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February 6 – Arena, Glendale, AZ

6 thoughts on “February 6 – Arena, Glendale, AZ”

  1. Pat says:

    So much fun seeing THE WHO last night. Very good, tight band and show with great visuals.

  2. Marla says:

    The Who rocked Arena in Glendale, AZ to its core last night. It was an honor to be there and bear witness to this legendary band’s showmanship, professionalism and staying power. Roger, Pete and the entire band had an amazing connection with the appreciative crowd. My sixth time seeing them, and I pray for more opportunities! Long live rock, long live The Who!!

  3. arn says:

    Best who concert I’ve ever seen. I saw them in the 70s, 80s and 90s and they were tighter than ever for this show. Quadrephenia is my favourite Who album and I’m glad I finally got to see it live.

    Great to see they can still bring and they really seemed to enjoy themselves and showed their appreciation for the audience too.

    Great vibe and great night.

  4. Rick Novy says:

    Your concert has finally encouraged me to buy a copy of Quadrophenia and it has been playing in my car regularly since February. Pete is right in thinking it his best work.

    Pete, do come back to Arizona and play through your Empty Glass album.

  5. Bikerbob says:

    I have 101 WHO songs on my iPod to propell me on my mountain bike in the Rockies. Saw em Ist in 1968 @ Electric Factory in Philly. A farm boy seeing my 1st concert. Now Many times since. I study all their music and evolution of their phases. This live performance was magical, they pulled it off almost perfectly. Roger conquered the impossible notes. Pete is the most accomplished stage guitar performer ever. He still has grand stage presence as he conducts the show. All band members became ONE to master Quadrophenia Live. And the 6 WHO mega songs near the end demonstrate Pure Powerful Live Rock no others can match. The two living band members have made an Amazing Musical Journey. We do miss John’s greatness on Bass. Miss Moon’s surround sound drums. Pete and Roger, one more new album release please. Your music keeps us energized.

  6. Kelly T McGahan says:

    I took my 22 year old nephew to keep the multi-generational fan base going. He, as well as, I, absolutely loved the show. I tip my hat to the fact that John and Keith were able to perform from beyond the grave. The Who is simply timeless! Do you have a Blu-ray of the tour in the works? I would purchase it in a second. Thank you for such great entertainment.

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