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February 19 – Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, ON

9 thoughts on “February 19 – Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, ON”

  1. Dave Logan says:

    What a great night in Hamilton! Thank you,thank you thank you!
    Vintage Trouble was a great start to the night!
    An amazing tribute to John and Keith so well done as you included them in the show with such great footage! You helped define ‘My Generation’ and what a classy ending to the show!
    All the best in your future shows!
    Waterloo, ON

  2. don&kim says:

    thank you for your wonderful performance in hamilton ontario.we have been loyal fans for over 30 years.the show in hamilton was spine tingling,and we know you truely do appreciate us as much as we do you.

    thank you so much!

  3. LRB says:

    Third time seeing the band this concert tour!! Worth the trip from Florida, crossing the border and braving the cold!! Band was tight, Pete was on fire. Roger hit the highs. Zak was like a machine, and great additions with Simon, Pino and the rest. I could almost convince myself to fly to Europe. The Who continue to be a part of me. Quadrophenia live a long term memory!!

  4. Greener says:

    great show guys. wasnt sure what to expect but i have a whole new appreciation for this album after hearing it live and loud. first song ‘Real Me’ was a great opening number and gave me chills. Pete, glad you told the guy to stuff his sign. it was blocking our view. too bad if he was offended. apparently he doesnt know you well enough! keep up the good work guys. was very impressed with Zaks performance since seeing him in 2002. thanks for the memories and stay lucky!!!

    p.s. Vintage Trouble kicked ass!

  5. Dønn says:

    Thank the gods for the Who. Zack is the best Keith Moon type drummer around!!

  6. scott turpin says:

    great show,please come back to hamilton.

  7. Dan says:

    Excellent show!
    i could not get over how loud and clear this show was..
    It was great to hear a young lady in her twenties commenting after the show how amazed she was and saying how it was maybe the best concert she had ever attended…

  8. scott turpin says:

    if you guys return to hamilton can you do a greatest hits concert,thanks.

  9. luis says:

    Hello my name is luis i´m from argentine and i have the good luck to see you in hamilton,ontario.What a great show i crie like a baby so exciting,i hope you came to my country there is a lot of fan yours here i love you guys bye

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