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February 14 – BOK Center, Tulsa, OK

10 thoughts on “February 14 – BOK Center, Tulsa, OK”

  1. Daniel Bruder says:

    Last nights show was truely one of the best shows I have ever been to! You guys never missed a beat, and you sounded amazing. Thank you for stopping over in Tulsa Oklahoma and giving me the opportunity to see one of my all time favorite bands. You guys are true artists and I hope you come back again.

  2. Danelle Covey says:

    Still on a rockin’ out high from a lovely Valentine’s Day show in Tulsa, OK.

  3. Joe Sanderson says:

    Still blown away from last nights show and have no voice to prove it! Truely a pleasure to finally experience a life long dream. Thanks guys, you sound better than ever……rock on!

  4. Bob Gwartney says:

    I drove over four hours from KC to see this one. I would have crawled that far. As good as any of the 12 times I’ve seen The Who, Roger, or Pete in any form. First of all what a piece of material! Until you see it performed this way you don’t really get it(This was better than the tour in the mid 90’s). Everyone was first rate and although I was sorry to see no Zack Scotty was very good. I saw Roger do Tommy last year so I knew his voice was up to the task. Pete was ripping it like never before and I thought the lid was going to come off the place on 5:15. The whole thing was great but once they began side three it was a runaway freight train. What a pleasure to be able to see Springsteen and the greatest band ever in the span of three months. Dear guys…how about adding a KC date?

  5. Nigel Crudgington says:

    A remarkable show that had my friend and I stunned as we left for home. Next time make a stop in Texas!

  6. Greg says:

    I flew in from Dallas to see the show, and man am I glad I did. Great venue, amazing opening act in Vintage Trouble. The stage show with the diferent screens and video was awesome, band was awesome, and last but not least, the vocals from Roger were just great. The crowd was into it and it seemed Roger and Pete reacted to the love from the crowd. A great show and well worth the trip.

  7. dewayne allen says:


  8. David R. Hulse says:

    So it is the Late 60’s and I have been following all the new musical fads. I was forced to, because of where I lived. Next to a house full of 5 girls. Three of them at the time teenagers. And smack dab in the middle of OZ. I had heard it all, The Whailers, Chuck, Ray, Bo, Drifters, Platters, Sherlls, Beatles……on and on. I was riding my bike on a sunny day and heard over the radio, that I had taped to my handle bars, about these guys that played at Woodstock and how they smashed up all their gear at the end of their set. Hey that was the guys I had seen on the Smothers Brothers show…..They were still doing it. How cool…I was 12 and these guys were doing what I liked best..Music and tearing up shit. So I started looking for their albums. Borrowed “Tommy” didn’t get it, well hell I was 13. But it was about this time my folks bought me a set of drums. I listened to Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Ringo, but it was the Moon that mesmerized me and lead me back to the beginning of their music and all the way up to “Who’s Next”. Hit me like a ton of bricks. From then on I got it all. All the dots lined up. Never was able to see them…life got in the way, no life just happened. So after waiting for 45 years, yep you read right, 45 years, all the dots came together in of all places Tulsa, Ok. Thank you Gentlemen.

  9. John says:

    Greg: thanks for the comment about the venue. The BOK Center is a GREAT place for a concert and The Who did not disappoint that evening. Please, by all means, return to our city to see another concert at the BOK Center.

  10. Scott Smith says:

    It was my sixth Who concert – and second time to photograph and review them. Wonderful show, wonderful set list and wonderful venue. Roger sounded strong – “Quadrophenia” is no easy thing to sing, as we Who fans know. Pete’s guitar was great, and having Simon Townshend on second guitar was a great plus. Simon’s lead vocals on “The Dirty Jobs” was great.
    Here’s the link to my review and photos of this fantastic gig. Let’s hope there’s one more big Who tour (or more) to come in the near future ….

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