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February 12 – Pepsi Center, Denver, CO

4 thoughts on “February 12 – Pepsi Center, Denver, CO”

  1. Susan Kubes says:

    Pictures from last nights Pepsi Center show of The Who and “The Amazing Nic Kubes” as Pete called him after getting and wearing mardi gras beads

    1. Susan Kubes says:

      Michael Martin do you or anyone else have pictures or video of Pete wearing the Mardi Gras beads or introducing the “Amazing Nic Kubes”? Please help us preserve that incredible memory. Find Nic Kubes (kid drummer) on FB to post any pics. Thank You!

  2. Trish says:

    How about a credit for pete-with-beads-2-607e12172b842a68a2c8f57a9736c412ea0142d. I don’t mind people uploading my photos, but a credit would be polite.


    1. rlee says:

      no prob. will add. but please be more specific. which gig?

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