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February 1 – Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA

3 thoughts on “February 1 – Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA”

  1. Loic Wacquant says:

    I’ve now seen the Who 14 times (and Quadrophenia thrice). This may have been the best night! A thrilling show with John E. and Keith M. as ghost guests… A superlative performance by Zak. And always the same energy and passion from Rog and Pete.

  2. Greg Dawson says:

    This was probably the greatest Who show I have attended. Quad is my all time favorite album and I had a front row seat right in front of Pete. The whole night was almost a spirtual experience for me. Long live rock and long live The Who!!

  3. Allen Staples says:

    One Word “AWESOME” If The Who was to come back to the BAY AREA for an encore show then I will be first in line. Thanks guys

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