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Feb 21, 1968 – San Jose, CA, US

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  Opening date of the band’s first American tour of 1968, and their first as headliners. ; Wednesday

1 thought on “Feb 21, 1968 – San Jose, CA, US”

  1. David Grayson says:

    I was also at this show. I tried to photograph this show with a cheap camera, but my photo’s hardly came out. I printed them and unless you knew it was The Who you would not know who it was. So there’s a photo of Pete with his right arm raised in the air and Roger hunched over. Because of my photo’s not coming out to my satisfaction at this show it interested me in photography to get a camera that would take pictures of concerts and actually have them come out. That I did and lucked out the next time I saw you guys which was in San Diego on Friday the 13th of June 1970, see my coment on that show. June 13th, 1970.

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