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December 8, 2012 – Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA

7 thoughts on “December 8, 2012 – Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA”

  1. tom ryan says:

    been going to concerts for a long time and have to say this was the best hats off to Pete and Rodger and the rest of the gang seats were 15 rows from stage and never sat in them awesum——- thanks guys

    1. hoot252 says:

      iveseen the woo about 12xs since 1989..mostlyin philly some in new york..and 1 in camden(2000 the best concert ive seen by the woo pure rock and roll).i would rank this show in the top 5..very elite catagory..i was actually front center stage at the 96″ quad show but there was 18 people on stage and pete sucked..this show was def. 10xss better than that quad show..the definitley showed up and put on a great show..but no show will ever compare 2 the 2000 camden concert…thats when i seen and heard true rock n roll..amazing..does any1 have a copy of that whatever..anyway anyhow anywhere

  2. Den says:

    I’ve been waiting for years to see the Who. I’ve been going to concerts since the late 70’s and can say without a doubt last night’s show in Philly was the best. Roger’s voice sounded great. They brought their A game and everone in the audience loved it.

  3. Patrick D'Cruz says:

    I was in Philly on the 8th and have to say it is best concert ever, lively, energized,and it was so that no one could sit to enjoy.We all stood for the duration was extraordinary.

  4. John Abram Jr says:

    I have been a hard-core Who fan since 1970 & have attended countless concerts.The 12/8/12 show was a masterpiece.Pete,Roger,the band & the staging were beyond superb.I’m in awe after all these years.

  5. john stuart says:

    My 33rd WHO show, third this tour, Philly blew away Brooklyn and even though i hate to say it, was better than the Garden!
    Roger was bloody magnificent hitting the notes and Pete was Pete, and Keith and John were in the house and channeling through Zack and Pino. Best show in 10 years. Thanks for the set list Binky!

  6. The Big F says:

    Better, tighter, louder than the last time I saw them in 89′. Zak was amazing, and though they may not hit the notes they could years ago Pete and Roger were just awesome. “Real Me, Quad, Cut My Hair, I’ve Had Enough and especially Sea and Sand and DR. Jimmy” were unbelievable. I was never more into a show in my life and I have seen hundreds of concerts. It also has to be said that heree is no Crowd like a Philly Rock and Roll Crowd.The place was nuts–Long Live Rock!

    YES PETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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