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Dec 5, 1975 – Chicago, IL, US

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  1. Mike Brown says:

    This was the first time I saw the ooh, what a show, it was only my second concert as I was only 14 years. Pete your are my mentor my idol and my only star I ever care to meet! I have everything the Who released in the U.S.A. Even Pete’s solo albums and a few of the others. Just saw the Quad show at the United Center quite fantastic. Also saw the old Quad show in 96 with John still alive and the punk Billy. This also was fantastic. Also saw the 2002 show at Tinley Park this was the tour which John died and was sad but happy to see you still do the tour Pino did nicely. Then by this time my kids were old enough to see the greatest band in the world as I had brainwashed them with Quad and Sell Out in the basement dancing and singing the lyrics to my great vinyl collection but anyway they loved the show at the United Center in 2006. I took them again to see Quad at the earlier mentioned show just recently. Thank-You for over 40 years of the best music in my life. I know you’ve been at it longer but I was 11 when my older brothers played Meaty and Next on dads old stereo. Wish I had more time and money to travel to see other shows but my kids and wife are jealous that I saw the old band in 75. Thanks for everything Pete you are the best. Mike Brown

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