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Dec 2, 1971 – Dallas, TX, US

1 thought on “Dec 2, 1971 – Dallas, TX, US”

  1. David Harlow says:

    This concert was an add on between Houston and Denver not on their original schedule. Tickets went on sale at the Memorial Auditorium box office the Sunday morning of Thanksgiving weekend. I was 16 years old, waited over night being 5th in the ticket line with my close high school friend until the doors opened and the mad rush made us like sardines in a can. We ended up with great lower balcony center section seats. The Dallas police had to pull on Pete’s pants leg, which initially freaked Pete, not knowing it was a police officer. Pete was warned to calm the fans and ask the crowd to clear the aisles due to those in wheelchairs being crushed. They were in their prime even if exhausted from constant touring performing such high energy rock n’ roll! This concert was a really great show.

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