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Dec 16, 1979 – Boston, MA, US

2 thoughts on “Dec 16, 1979 – Boston, MA, US”

  1. Robert Santoro says:

    The opening number some idiot threw a firework onstage. Pete offered to fight the guy onstage. From there the show was fantastic! It is an evening I fondly remeber.

  2. Julie says:

    My friends & I couldn’t afford tickets to the show so we just showed up at The Parker House to meet the band. Kenny came out first. Very sweet guy. As was Roger who came down next. John was next & my friends glazed the poor guy’s face with their lip gloss. lol! They had to get tissues for him so he could clean up his face. I had to prove I wasn’t wearing any lip gloss before I gave him a kiss. He was so sweet & posed for pictures with us. Then came Pete who didn’t appear to be in a very good mood. Considering what had happened in Cincinnati a few days before I shouldn’t have blamed him. But being the inconsiderate selfish teen I was at the time I think I called him a bad word. Sorry Pete. But that night is one of the few good memories I have from that time in my life.

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