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Dec 15, 1971 – Seattle, WA, US

3 thoughts on “Dec 15, 1971 – Seattle, WA, US”

  1. Bill Olsen says:

    Concert was delayed for hours because the band and entourage had problems coming over Grant’s Pass from southern Oregon. Coming onto stage, Moon somersaulted; Pete and the others were ready to perform. The stage became an exploding amphitheater of sound of pounding, moving music. I still remember that night, now, 42 years later.

  2. Timothy J Berglund says:

    I was there too and pete Townsend smashed his guitar and tossed it into the crowd ans a splinter injured one of the concert goer and tha was the last time thw who smashed the guitar in 1974 who concert I caugjt the tambourine that Roger Daltrey threw into the crowd!!

  3. Tim Lambro says:

    This was a late show and their last one of the Who’s Next tour. It was delayed but that didn’t stop them from laying it all down. Great, great show of a monster band in their PRIME for an 18 year old kid.

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