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7 thoughts on “Nov, 1 2012 – Bankatlantic Center, Sunrise, FL”

  1. Dave Forman says:

    Amazing Show

  2. BARRY TERRELL says:

    Isaw the show on nov.1 and I was wondering what happened to PETE and his guitar that he did not come out for BABA and did not return to stage at all after that. If anyone can tell me what happened and why he did not return I would appreciate it.Otherwise tha show was great,amazing,and I LOVED IT.

  3. Steve G says:

    Pete Townsend!!! Chill out and have fun!!! Technical problems… don’t worry about it.
    Take it out on the guitars and amps next time it happens! (Like the old days!)
    Still a GREAT Show in Sunrise, Florida!

  4. Dave Pilot says:

    What an awesome show ! I loved the John and Keith segments and thought it was a great tribute to them. It was the best concert I have seen in a long time and highly recommend everybody seeing it when the band blazes a trail through your neck o the woods. Best wishes to all you Mods. Rock n roll !

    P.S. I would be proudly be wearing my Who shirt if the venders would have taken my hundred dollar bill. They didn’t because they said they received a few counterfeits. £*#^* me ! No shirt for me ! They need one of those money markers that tells the difference between real and conterfeit bills.

  5. David DeMaio says:

    The Quadrophenia show is amazing. Saw my first Who concert at 14 at Madison Square Garden. Quadrophenia had just been released. 39 years later, it’s still amazing. I never thought they could pull it off, given how intricate the music is. For you doubters, go see it. You will be impressed, thrilled, and transported back in time. Is it me, for a moment?

  6. Scott says:

    Will be in attendance for tonight’s show in Orlando. What time Reid the who go onstage and is the supporting act worth seeing? Thanks!

  7. P.G. "Dad of Autistic Twin Boys" says:

    Saw the show on Nov. 1st. Roger sounded great! Great to see Pete back on stage.
    Bummer about Pete’s issues/leaving early/guitar problems.
    Thanks for the special treat: “You Better You Bet”.

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