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Aug 24, 2000 – Denver, CO, US

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  1. Dave Moross says:

    My last time ever to see John Entwistle play live, and his solo during ‘5:15’ was unbelievable. About three numbers into the show, Amy and I fanagled our way down into the lower-bowl section next to the stage on Pete’s side, and watched from eye level with the band, with an unobstructed view of Rabbit and Zak. It was really a special show, as for some reason, ‘Magic Bus’ got replaced with ‘Naked Eye’ (my all-time favorite) that night and The Who also performed a few other more obscure numbers such as ‘Let’s See Action’. We hung out near the barriers outside the arena exit afterwards and got to yell thanks to both Zak and Pete as they came out and climbed into their limos. Pete really looked trim and happy.

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