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Aug 16, 1989 – Tacoma, WA, US

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  1. McGeoy says:

    From 30 rows up, I saw the instant that Pete impaled his hand on the Wah-Wah bar. I turned to the fan next to me and exclaimed “Man, that’s not going to be a good thing!”. He was clueless.

    I believe that Pete went offstage for about ten minutes, then returned to cheers on the stage, bandaged. He had done the last of his windmills for a couple weeks, I’m guessing.

    I work with my hands in fine furniture making, so when the reports expanded on the injury the next day, I cringed with a kind of compatriot sympathy. Reading about the broken wrist in Who I Am, and the surgery that followed, again made me wince.

    Pete, Roger, John and Keith supplied the music that accompanied me from age 7, with Tommy helping me endure my parent’s divorce, though adolescence with Quadrophenia sounding the horn for my search for identity. It wasn’t until I was out in the world, making my mark as a husband, father and craftsman, that the early Who music started to really sink in.

    I may see them on this 2013 tour, I may not, but there can be no greater palliative for me than, when I’m down, stressed by the uninvited events in my life, to put on the earphones and bathe in the thunderous, climactic opus that is The Who.

    Dave McGeoy

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