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Aug 15, 1971 – Minneapolis, MN, US

2 thoughts on “Aug 15, 1971 – Minneapolis, MN, US”

  1. Scott Holmstrom says:

    We ran into them at their hotel.Yes, a Holiday Inn, contrary to legend and Pete’s book.Pete invited us up to his room after the show. Pete, John and Keith were there along with Bob Pridden. Pete wore the same shirt as on the cover of Whos Next.Pete and Keith jitterbugged to At the Hop.When security called the room because of the noise Keith told them it was the man in the next room, he waas a maniac and Keith was afraid to venture out. This went on three times, with Keith threatening to call the police if they didn’t do something. The gathering eventually petered out,!and I will always treasure the memory of two hours with them in a Holiday Inn!

  2. Larry says:

    I was at this concert. Biggest thing I remember is the ticket price $5.00 lol

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