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Apr 27, 1969 – Dunfermline, Scotland, GB

1 thought on “Apr 27, 1969 – Dunfermline, Scotland, GB”

  1. Geoff Davidson says:

    Sunday. Apart from being memorable for a magnificent gig the guitar destruction was spectacular. Pete had been eyeing up the neck’s trueness between numbers.Halfway through the set an agitated Pete beckoned Bob Pridden up to fix a perceived fault with the 3 stacked Hi-Watt amps. He dutifully scurried on from his side stage desk but shrugged his shoulders.He must have said there was nothing wrong with them as Pete went ballistic and tugged leads and pulled the amps down. I could hear him shouting “Well there fucking is now” as he kicked Bob’s ass repeatedly while he scrambled to rebuild them,all the while playing! Last number was “My Generation” and the beautiful cherry Gibson 345 Stereo was looked at one last time before being tortured and at one point being thrust through the stage ceiling. Being semi acoustic its feedback droned like a bomber.Futher torment and indignity ensued before it was smashed to matchwood. I remember it all like it was yesterday!

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