Pete’s gold Strat has been won!

Thank you for buying tickets for the prize draw for Pete’s guitar and for your support in helping us raise the incredible sum of £28,062 for stage crew impacted by the pandemic.

Thanks to your generosity, the campaign has exceeded our expectations. In all, we raised a total of £535,840 which will go directly to Stagehand Charity who will distribute the funds to stage crew who have suffered due to Covid-19.

Our heartfelt congratulations to Una from Donegal, Ireland who won the prize draw for Pete Townshend ‘s gold customised Stratocaster. Thanks again and we hope to see you all again very soon.

Founded in 1998 by Production Services Association members, Stagehand is the original live production welfare and benevolent fund. Our team of volunteer trustees oversee fundraising and distribution through task-specific funds. Find out more about Stagehand.

4 thoughts on “Pete’s gold Strat has been won!”

  1. Brent Fraser says:

    I Sure would like to know how I can buy one of the 2017 tour shirts that you see on the merchandise poster one with Pete’s Glasgow wind meal with colorized black shirt with beautiful colored print it’s not listed on their merchandise but they have it sitting there tempting people, tiz a shame.

  2. Is there any ideas of the new reschedule your dates…… For the 2021 Wembley Concert

  3. Paul says:

    The people who purchased tickets for last years tour and TCT gig need to be told if these are being rescheduled for later this year.

    At least of they are rescheduled then we will have something to look forward to in these bleak times.

  4. Dan Nulmeyer says:

    As a professional who has been employed as crew in various positions over the last 35 years I would just like to give a huge THANKS to MR. PETER TOWNSHEND for donating his gold Strat to help out crew people in these strange times were living in. So thank you Peter. Very classy.

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