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Who I am: Promotional Activity

Pete Townshend is promoting the launch of his long awaited memoir WHO I AM with book signing events and TV appearances. 


Rolling Stone has given the memoir a 4.5 star rating. To read their review, click HERE.


Book Signing Events


TV Appearances

Sun 10/7 – CBS – Sunday Morning
Mon 10/8 – ABC – The View- Live Interview in-studio
Mon 10/8 – COMEDY CENTRAL – The Daily Show
Mon 10/8 – NBC – TODAY Live Interview in Studio
Tue 10/9 – NBC – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

6 thoughts on “Who I am: Promotional Activity”

  1. Peter Haynes says:

    Any other book signings in the UK, and what about British tv?

  2. Jessica Samet says:

    I am so excited to read the book and want to buy it first thing Monday. I was wondering if there are any book signings planned for Los Angeles? If so, I will buy the hardcover but if not, I will just buy it for me Kindle…

    1. Chris Rayburn says:

      Me too. I live in LA and looking forward to a chance to meet Pete with a ‘I am still not ‘old’ in the head’!!

  3. LyndaGrace says:

    I am so excited for Pete, and for the upcoming events. I unfortanetely am not in the area of the book signings.
    But will be glued to the TV!
    yay yay Pete. xo

  4. Rob says:

    Yes I agree there should be more info about UK promo appearances for Pete’s book. I know that there is a TV interview on BBC1 this coming Sunday (14th Oct) from 9.15am on the Andrew Marr show but I don’t know about anything else. It would be nice if Pete could do some more book signing sessions around the country as it is difficult and very costly to get to London.

  5. Larry Houck says:

    Washington, D.C., is especially intriguing during an election year. Pete and his book tour need to come to D.C.!

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