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Tour Diary: Dublin, 10 June 2013

So we played Dublin and The Edge from U2 suggested Roger and I adjust our clothing. More on that later.

It’s been fabulous weather here and that has raised the spirits of all the people we’ve met. The crowd was terrific, and the show was pretty good. Despite the solid commitment to Quadrophenia displayed by the audience, it was in the last four or five songs – the hits – that the audience really got into gear.

I’m happy playing this tour, bringing Quadrophenia back home to where it began.

Pete Townshend
Heading to Belfast, 10 June 2013




56 thoughts on “Tour Diary: Dublin, 10 June 2013”

  1. Dave says:

    Pete – Perhaps you should have told Edge to change his cap. 😉 Glad to hear Dublin received you so warmly.

  2. Mark Quinn says:

    In all fairness you guys nailed it. What a wonderful
    experience I had. Met Simon before the gig, what a nice
    guy. And his album is brilliant.

  3. Annie Tracey says:

    Hey Pete, I can’t wait to see you here in Manchester on the 23rd. My dream has always been to see Quadrophenia in its full glory – I saw the stage version of Quad and it was brilliant! I’m an expat Canadian and have been living in Liverpool for the past 7 yrs although just moved to Manchester. Saw you at Knowsley Park a few years ago in the pouring rain. I was the gal with the Canadian bandana! see you there with my bandana. cheers Annie x

  4. Matias says:

    Pete, i’d love if you could come to Argentina. There is no band like The Who. And the people in here could use some real rock! Anyway, just keep on rocking and good luck with the rest of the tour!

  5. keith jones says:

    cant wait to see the boys in newcastle at the metro radio arena. first time ever. its gonna be a amazing night. 🙂

  6. David says:

    Going to Belfast tonight. Quadrophenia my favourite album my anyone ever. A genuine Bucket List moment tonight. Cheers Pete and Roger and all.

  7. Morten C Arendrup says:

    Hi Pete and Rog

    Two shows outside of the UK is not a lot for a European Tour. Any chance of adding more European dates? If so, Copenhagen would certainly welcome The Who and Quadrophenia 🙂

    All the best

  8. peter says:

    Looking forward to Amsterdam Ziggi Dome 5/7.

  9. John Hoy says:

    Welcome to Belfast! Looking forward to a cracker of a show.

  10. If the Dublin show was anything like the performance by the WHO in Phoenix Arizona USA, it was magnificent. Pete suggests that the gig was outdoor by his comment of the lovely weather. Our show was indoor. Either way, the event had to be epic; one for the ages. Peace.

  11. Liz Schofield says:

    I was there,and Quadrophenia WAS amazing in it’s entirety, and familiar and fresh at the same time.I was fifteen when you were kept off the top of the charts by Bowie, at 56, I still knew every word!
    A great show, the band is very tight, and the staging was “stagey” enough without being “Boy Band”…he,he.
    See you at the O2 on Saturday……

  12. Show in Dublin was amazing. I felt crowd was lukewarm for Quadrophenia but this was also why a huge number had especially gone (me included). It was an great experience for diehard fans of the album. As expected, the stadium leapt to their feet for the crowdpleasers but we were there for Quadrophenia and left happy to have been part of such a great show- thanks!

  13. francesca martello-whelan says:

    As far as the Edge’s opinion, I don’t know what he means by “adjusting” yours and Roger’s clothing. If it’s to change them, that is just plain rude. The absolute nerve. I’ve been to 14 shows, and you both look just fabulous!

    As far as concerts go, at ALL concerts, people get really “into” it during the last few songs. Why is that? I don’t know…I think that it’s because they know the end of the show is coming near; it’s not just because the hits are played. You guys have been around close to 50 years and to me, they are ALL hits. Fans should be into it from the very 1st song at the beginning of the show. That’s how I am anyway….I/we were so into it at Prudential Center/late 2012, that when you messed up the words and said “Sexy MF” during “I’m One”, that made our day! Sorry for the distraction, was not meant intentionally! Looking SO forward to seeing you at your charity event July 8th at Wembley!

    1. Courtney Shapiro says:

      as Francesca (my new friend I met trhough these concerts) says above- your clothes are just right.

      Pete, that red and blue checkered shirt you wore during the first leg of the US tour was hot! You are an offical Williamsburg “hipster” now 😛

      and you are the only one who can pull off wearing all white- from your awesome jumpsuits in the 60s, to that swanky white blazer you wore at the TCA Madison Square Garden benefit.

      so ignore the Edge, he aint got nothing on you!

  14. Rob Aiken says:

    Hi Pete

    Really looking forward to the gig tonight….if you thought Dublin was good just wait until you hear Belfast !!!! Amazing that Dublin only got going for the last few songs, after all it is billed as Quadrophenia as the main attraction. As my favourite all time album (and I am not a mod !) I cannot wait to hear the entire piece.

    Enjoy yourselves !


  15. Nacho Errázuriz says:

    Pete, please come with Roger and The Who to South America. Decades waiting for the best rock&roll band of the world.
    Chile, Brazil, Argentina, the country of the great Charly García. You will not forget!! Ask Eddie Vedder.

  16. Shawn Lackie says:

    Hey Pete,
    Just about finished your book “Who I Am” Awesome read. Do another….

    1. Courtney Shapiro says:

      I am TOTALLY committed to Quadrophenia, Im so grateful it is a Quadrophenia tour, or I wouldnt have come to see you. The last time I saw you was in 1982 at Shea Stadium, when I was 15. Quad was the album that got me through those awful teen years, when I moved in “the crowd” but never felt like I fit in. But then I became a young adult in NYC who moved on to music with other sentiment less personal. I left you and The Who behind.

      When I saw that this was a QUAD tour (and you did a show a few blocks from my place in Brooklyn), I said, Ah what the hell, maybe after 30 years these guys will still do it for me. And you did! I literally cried with joy hearing QUAD live and so many emotions came flooding back in. It was a monumental moment for me and after going to all the NYC area shows, I will be seeing you at Wembley. And I cannot wait. So thank you for this gift. The album, the tour, all your music, everything.

  17. Kathy Owens says:

    I saw the show in Atlantic City, and personally loved hearing Quadrophenia. Considering this was my very first Who concert after being a lifelong fan, I was very happy to hear the entire set, even if the big hits weren’t played. Fantastic show. Now I have to hope for one more time around for Tommy…..

  18. roofgiant says:

    To hear Quadrophenia played live in it’s entirety was an absolute treat for me and a lot of other people I’m sure. This was a show I’ll never forget, brought me to tears a couple of times. It captures a huge amount of what it’s like to be a teenager and as we grow older it stays with us because the music and songs are just so fucking brilliant and we love the nostalgia. That said there were a lot of people there who didn’t have that connection to Quadrophenia and were more of a “greatest hits” crowd, hence the heightened response to the other songs – don’t know if that would be the same in an English audience or not, maybe Quadrophenia in it’s complete state is more specialist.

    The fact that so many in an Irish audience of any gig cant possibly go for more than ten minutes without a drink got in the way of trying to enjoy the whole piece from start to finish as people were moving around a lot and the all seated arrangement doesn’t make it easy for those of us who want to let it all hang out, staff walking around selling bloody ice creams and booze and getting in the way doesn’t help either especially when they hassle you for moving out of your seat to dance a bit.

    The support group (Vintage Trouble) were bloody amazing, what a performance they gave, there are not many bands who could keep me satisfied while I’m waiting for The Who to come on but these guys were something else and really got the night moving before the main event which was as I said amazing, (I joked to Vintage Trouble later that The Who should maybe be warming up for them) Should not forget the Who show visuals, the footage was mesmerising and the inclusion of John Entwistle and Keith Moon was really lovely and very well done. Great to hear the classics at the end and a pity they couldnt have played for another three hours to get in everyone’s particular favourite. A brilliant show from start to finish.

  19. John says:

    Hi Pete,

    I celebrated the Big 50 (a little early) and You and Roger made my night! Mega Boys night out. We lived Quadrophenia in ’79/’80, thank you for the Music and the Memoreis 🙂


  20. Maria Niku says:

    Aha! I wouldn’t call U2 style icons, but Edge is still cool. I was a big big fan, they were an easy band to be a fan of as a teenager, complete and utter lack of cynicism.

    Be well!


  21. Lorraine Calvert says:

    When my partner got his ticket he said that pinball wizard wouldn’t be played as the music of Quadrophenia was far superior to the ‘hits’ . I’ve won my bet so if you can give a shout out to Belfast Andy D tonight – he owes me some money but for him bit of a mods reunion going on!

  22. John says:

    I was at the Dublin show and only word I can use Pete is awsome from start to finish the energy and passion flowed from the stage thank you roger and the band for giving me a night I’ll never forget !

  23. john reynolds says:

    As a die hard Wholigan,I was into it before you stepped on stage,as was my wife,I don’t think many people who went had a clue about the album let alone the band,a fella beside me asked if Simon was Rogers son.Another I heard asked 30minutes into the set when will they play that one from CSI Vegas.Leaving that aside I was in my element and couldn’t stop myself from yet again loosing my voice at another Who concert.Best of luck with the rest of the tour and please return soon,my 9 and 6 year old sons have said they want to come to the next one.Thanks for a great night and all the great music through the years,long may they last.

  24. Martin McEvoy says:

    Been a fan since late 60s there at the O2 Dublin Saturday – brilliant production which showcased the highly talented and emotional writing of my all time favourite guitar player who inspired me to play and write a little bit (albeit obviously not that well: ) for years. What a show – getting even better with age if that was possible.

  25. mark magee says:

    couldn’t believe it when it became clear that the audience were going to sit through the performance.i found a spot where i wasn’t obscuring anyones view and went for it.i was hoping for more references from the movie.that said you played your hearts out.

  26. Howie Lee says:

    Did Edge recommend you wear a toboggan?

  27. sprog says:

    I was at the Dublin show – it was so good I cant even begin…

  28. Monty Seidler says:

    Pete, you’ve been my virtual mentor and influence since 1965! I’ve lost count at how many times I’ve seen you guys. I almost died in the early 80’s. While in the hospital & in recovery, the only memory that stands out was the release of “It’s Hard!” I wore that bad boy out! Just wanted to pass on that I’ve never read a better autobio. You write honestly, sincerely, and wide open! I live in Florida now, stilling following you & Roger. Thanks for sharing & for being.

  29. Michael says:

    The Dublin show was fabulous, I know the place only seemed to get going when “the hits” were rolled out; but where I was sitting every lyric of every track from Quadrophenia was being sung!
    The band was incredible, and you and Roger look younger and fitter every time I see you!
    Thank you for your music, its been the soundtrack to my 49 years on this planet.

  30. Gary says:

    To Pete,Roger and the band
    Many thanks for the show on Saturday night. You brought Quadraphenia to life for me. It’s my favourite Who album and I will never forget your performance of it.
    Be lucky.

  31. Fan de España says:

    Viajé desde España para ver el concierto y fue increible, pero no me explico como se puede estar sentado en un concierto de The Who…….!!!!! I can’t explain!

  32. Davide says:

    Dear Roger and Pete, i’m Italian and i am come to dublin to see you… great concert, great band, great drummer!

  33. Elena says:

    Hola Pete!
    I was at the Dublin show and I enjoyed it so much! Though I was in second row, I think it’s better to be standing to express the emotion jumping and singing. That’s why everyone stood up and tried to get to the front at the end, we were fed up with being seated..:0)
    I really needed to see one of your shows. Thanks a lot!

  34. Carol lynn says:

    I think the production is brilliant. I am a child of The Who. You saved me more than once in my growing up years in Los Angeles (thank you!). Quadrophenia is my favorite of all of your past efforts. Was fortunate to see you perform it for the 1st time in LA at The Forum. It was Thanksgiving & I gave thanks for the rest of the year that I was there. We go way back to the beginning…almost High Numbers time, but Quadrophenia is the one. Since I spent the majority of the Dublin show in total awe of the fierceness in you & Roger, the genius of the videos & how the vintage films were utilized, unleashing some heavy tears for your fallen brothers, and overwhelmed by the musicianship of your bandmates, I came to Belfast last night, which was even better, if that was possible…and it was.
    Please keep saving me. I am yours forever because you will NEVER be boring.
    Sorry for the long message. Thanks, love & safe travels.
    Carol Lynn

  35. Andréa says:

    Great night at the concert! We brought our 10yr old son and he really enjoyed it with us

  36. Dr.Marcello Vannucci says:

    Dear Pete,

    I Live in Brazil. I never had the lucky opportunity to see my favourite band( The WHO)
    I read your bio in a few days. As a surgeons and musician ( I play guitar too!!!) i really understand how you had difficult to make people understand You!!!! You´re are the concept Guy, The Brain, and execute the music behind your ideas are very difficult!!! Hope see you and Roger here in Brazil!!!!

    Warm Regards,


  37. YumikoWordley says:

    Dear Pete,
    I am truly waiting for listening to Quadrophenia. It is your definite masterpiece. I listened to it maybe a few thousands times in my life, and the more you listen to it the more you understand how complicated and great it is ! I don’t know but the instrument pieces are my favorite and the last scene of Jean-Luc Godard’s “Pierrot Le Fou” with Rimbaud’s poem is coming to my mind….You and Roger’s gears are always cool. I don’t think you should adjust them. See you in 02 and Wembley!!

  38. Gary Kirby says:

    The Belfast gig was incredible. Please don’t neglect us for another 46 years. How about The Who touring a version of Lifehouse (unless Floss turns out to be a Who project)? Looking forward to a DVD of Quadrophenia Live 2013. Thank you for making our dreams come true.

  39. RPM says:

    Cache Cache – I love the original version on Scoop (as well as the changed version on Face Dances). Also – Body Language is cheeky and clever. Hope 2014 sees:

    A) More Who shows
    B) More of Pete’s “Demos”…. ‘How Can I Help you?’ would be nice to include.

    Cheers to you.

  40. RPM says:


    “Love is On the Air” – your lyrics collaboratively written for David Gilmour’s About Face album. Great song and poignant in that the theme of the album seems to be centered on relationship loss. I realize I’m off topic from the current tour activities but had to ‘relay’ my profound fondness of your writing.

  41. Alena says:

    Dear Pete.
    Quadrophenia is my favourite Who album, and as far as I’m concerned you were at the peak of your creativity when composing the music, writing the songs, and developing the concept and character of Jimmy. Yet you should not be surprised by the reaction of crowds to your other Who hits. The Who, the music, the lyrics,and the story telling, will endure for decades and even centuries to come.
    We have been following the Quadrophenia tour since it began in November of last year, and are heading to the UK next week for a few more shows. Our 11 year old son has enjoyed many already, and is looking forward to more.
    We will be watching from the first row in Cardiff and Wembley. See you, Roger, Simon, Frank, and the rest of the band then.
    Alena, Jon, and Tommy.

  42. Lynda Grace says:

    Hi Pete!

    I know the show was brilliant! Goes without saying ;

    Glad the weather has been good, you are enjoying yourself.

    And… to hear more about the suggested clothing adjustment.

    xox Lynda Grace

  43. Fred Harper says:

    Cant wait for the 8th to see them for the 20th time since 1969. The Who did not make any bad records just that some are classics which is why the crowd love the classics. i still dont understand why the “new” stuff is not highly regarded. Even my kids now love the band.

    1. Alena says:

      I wholeheartedly agree; songs like Real Good Looking Boy from a few years ago, Mirror Door, …. amazing.

  44. Dan L says:


    Keep on churnin” on!

    –Dan L

  45. richard says:

    Pete ~ reading your book & discovered that while our childhoods are somewhat & by that I mean loosely, similar, there is one event in my life that succeeded where your’s {thankfully, I understand} failed: I single-handedly derailed a freight train in Chicago when I was approx. nine years old. Next time The Who visit Des Moines, tell you all about it. Thanks for the gift of your soul. Means a lot.

  46. John T says:

    I’VE LOVED THE WHO, since seeing them live via PPV in 1982.THE WHO:ROCKS AMERICA,Live in Toronto. I was eleven years old @ that time, it was twelve years later when I saw Roger pay tribute to Pete along w/a symphony orchestra live in CA. John was there as well and I was fortunate enough to speak with him briefly, I wish I would’ve captured it in a photograph as I did with my encounter with Roger and other band members.
    I do know it is a moment I will cherish, for a lifetime.I was fortunate enough to see Pete & Roger perform twice @ the Hollywood Bowl, ’04 & ’06. I wish I could’ve seen this past Quadrophenia show but I couldn’t get time off, or afford to play hooky. I’ve always loved their music and the styles in which they’ve chose to perform arrangements, whether it be as a classic four or five piece,a nine to thirteen piece ensemble, or a full orchestra.

  47. Laura W says:


    I just recently finished reading your memoir, Who I Am. In a word – Thank You!

    Warmest regards,

    A kindred spirit

    P.S. The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein, and Faery Tale: One Women’s Search for Enchantment in a Modern World by Signe Pike are two books you may enjoy. They’re two of my personal favorites.

    Also, Astrologers Leo Knighton Tallarico’s weekly forecast, Perspective from the Sky and Mark Borax’s monthly Cosmic Weather Report you may like as well.


  48. Scottie says:

    Hi Pete

    Despite regularly reading rock autobiographies since I was a teenager, until I finished Who I Am this week I’d never found a musician so open with their prose. Although there is a great deal of sadness in your story, it was a pleasure to read Who I Am. How refreshing to find a musician-cum-writer eschewing the facade, refusing to gloss over the personally harrowing moments or simply play a version of their stage avatar. Of your contemporaries’ bibliographic attempts, Eric Clapton’s was vain and horribly unapologetic, Neil Young’s was wilfully rambling and Bill Wyman’s detailed yet mired by petty jealousies. Who I Am is powerful, heartfelt and informative, so I thank you for being tenacious in completing your tome after such a long gestation. It’s the Love Reign O’er Me of rock autobiographies.

    I hope Rachel has a great 40th birthday.

  49. Chris Nagel says:

    Dear Pete,

    I love to see you collaborate with Simon Phillips (drummer extraordinaire) again!

    Walk tall,


  50. Tracy Shay says:

    Dear Pete,

    I have wanted to take time to thank you, Roger and all Who members, past and present for Quadrophenia for a very long time. It helped me navigate and stopped me from drowning in the horrific muck that is the life of an American teenager. I still have my vinyl copy. Today, it helps me navigate and stops me from drowning in the horrific muck that is the life of the 49 year old teenager. To see this performance would be a dream come true, as it is for so many of your fans, who also have the good fortune of this timeless rock masterpiece being a part of their soul. I am so thrilled you are performing it! Long live rock and much love to all of you.

  51. Simon king says:

    Just finished WHO I AM,it is a wonderful and honest piece of work.
    Thank you,Simon

  52. John says:


    Please before the Who moves on and time passes on to the point where it can no longer be feasible…create one final rock opera on par or exceeding the quality of Tommy and Quadrophenia. Show the newbies that make a dollar rehashed garbage will never be as good as Maximum R&B.



  53. Nick says:

    Thanks for coming to Belfast. It was much needed, my wife and I lost our first daughter Maeve aged 18 months less 6 weeks before, and we obviously considered not going, But it got us out, and got us shouting and screaming. Music matters. I’ve seen The Who many times but this was my last. Thanks guys.

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