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Storms and people passing….

The big storm passed through, not too bad where I live in London, but Rob Lee our webmaster lives by the sea on the south coast and I was worried for him. The storm ended a tumultuous few weeks.

Several people important to me have passed away. Peter Kay, a friend and chef who designed my kitchen passed away a few weeks ago leaving three daughters. He worked for the footballer Tony Adams’ charity Sporting Chance for many years. He was a lovely man who had health problems all his life. He passed peacefully.

Then it was Phoebe, the Irish woman who was one of the first group to come to Erin Pizzey’s Chiswick Women’s Aid – the Richmond house that Keith Moon visited, and that helped kick off Double O, The Who’s charity. Erin came from Ireland with eleven children, and was regarded as something of a saint in Brentford where she lived and died.

Then David Hooper passed away. He was the caretaker and watchman at Eel Pie Oceanic for many years; he had to stop work when he was hit by a truck on a pedestrian crossing and lost his leg. He managed to end a life of hard drinking in time to be a support to his estranged daughter when she was taken seriously ill ten years ago.

Yesterday I heard about the passing of Lou Reed. I’d been thinking about him after meeting Jean Michel Jarre last Saturday. He is a friend of Lou and Laurie Anderson. My heart goes out to Laurie whom I met briefly when Lou played with me at Rachel Fuller’s Attic Jam at Joe’s Pub in NYC. Lou seemed to have fun that night, and it was wonderful and easy for me to perform with this clear-sighted musician who I had expected to be so difficult.

Finally, yesterday, I learned than Bhau Kalchuri, the Chairman of the Avatar Meher Baba Trust in India, had passed away on Wednesday. Bhau was a good friend to me, and this week has been a strange one for me, with many swerves and ups and downs, and it didn’t surprise me when I heard he had died. Many Who fans will know I have been a follower of Meher Baba since 1967. Sometimes I am unsure of the sanity of believing that Meher Baba is God in human form, as he claimed. But Anita Viellard, a light-hearted and glamorous Parisian artist I knew very well, told Baba “We don’t mind you thinking you are God, we just love you anyway.”

So we had our little storm here in the UK. Nothing like Hurricane Sandy, but we know you are thinking about us just as we thought of you on the East Coast. I am very much alive. I hope Rob Lee still has a roof on his house, it is just 25 yards from the beach.

Pete Townshend
28 October 2013









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  1. Pete – loving the autobiography, and thanks for all your music.

    Nothing insane about believing Baba was God in human form. We are ALL God in human form, same as when Jesus said he was the son of God, I don’t think he meant “… and none of you losers are!” Baba and Jesus just realised it.

  2. Rob says:

    You know, people live and then people die. Sometimes we die before others want us to, sometimes we get to live the fullest life possible before we go. But yet, it still never seems fair to me for a light in the world to go out. Especially a light that inspired so many to play music, get involved, etc. I will continue hoping that the lights we still have stick with us for as long as they possibly can, because the world is a darker place today.

  3. Joanna Jones says:

    It has been strange Pete. My mum’s first anniversary is tomorrow and she has been in my thoughts every day for the past year. Eight weeks ago, my son’s best friend’s mother (and my neighbour) passed away aged 61 about 6 weeks after she was diagnosed with cancer. About 6 weeks ago Alfredo Velasquez, head of Dance Libra company in Cuba (a man I first met about 5 years ago and tutored in Croatia in an attempt to improve his English)was murdered during the course of a break in of his flat in Cuba. His British wife, living in Croatia and having just undergone a cataract operation, was unable to fly over for his funeral. You’ve got to cherish everyday. x

  4. Elliot Kassoff says:

    You’re the best Pete. Sorry for your loss’. I wish you could see how the new generation is embracing your music. My 6 year old is as obsessed as I am. I was sick over the weekend. So he wanted to have a Who marathon weekend. First we watched Tommy…then The Who in Texas ’75..then topped it off with The Kids Are Alright and the making of Who’s Next..which is incredible.

    Thank you for all you have given the world and for me and my boy to share.


  5. Kieran Newell says:

    Such a nice, but sad, blog entry. Makes you think that what is here today, might be gone tomorrow. But when life moves so fast, you just go “fuck it” and get on with it all.

    Thanks Pete for all the great music that’s helped me and others stay that little bit more sane/strong as we stick our two fingers up to the man whilst we’re on our quests to find who we truly are! May you have many more years doing what you love, with the people you love! All the best!

    P.S. I live in Margate and my grandad owns a garage around the corner from Station Road, where you spent some time growing up. Every time I walk down it, I find it weird to see people just walking around oblivious to some of the history there. I find it a shame that it wasn’t particularly good memories you had there, but it is obviously fully understandable why. Margate and Westgate are looking pretty miserable and derelict nowadays.

  6. Mafer M.M. says:

    Blessed be, Mr. Townshend. And the people around you, for they reamain in our history forever. May love always fill your existence, my best wishes, from Mexico =)

  7. Johnston Lowry says:

    Nicely put. May they all RIP.

    Thank you Mr Townsend for all the pleasure you have given me as well as the tinnitus and hearing loss I acquired though continually wondering who Baba o Reilly was and trying not to get fooled again and discovering that my wife’s love is for keeping all far too loud on my stereo: but what exhilaration! Sorry about that. First seen at Charlton and many times since.

    Kind regards, Johnston
    Teacher and Coach
    Yoga Mind & Body

  8. Lin Frank says:

    Pete you are selfless guy and a true friend. Have a better week than last week.

  9. Rob Lee says:

    Thank you for the kind thoughts, Pete. My roof is still intact after a windy night.

    I’m sorry you’ve lost so many people important to you.

    Onwards and upwards!


  10. Scott Hotson says:

    Stay Alive.

  11. So sorry for your loss it’s hard when people that you love and respect pass.i lost my Dad last year.

  12. Mike Russen says:

    Great post condolences to all the families…

    A sad week indeed just read that John McVie has been diagnosed with cancer and earlier Wilco Johnson too.

    Bank Holiday here I Ireland so am spending the day listening to Lou Reed.



  13. Paul Hurrell says:

    Bless you Mr Townshend.

    Warm and positive thoughts to those who have passed through.

    Stay well and warm.

    Paul of Perivale…

  14. Diane says:

    Pete: Your words touched my heart since I seem to be also loosing such wonderful people around me as well. Hard to find comfort except knowing it is the ebb and flow of life. I hope you and all my friends in London stay safe and wish you well as you did for us last year at this time as we road through Sandy! All the best….


  15. Jon says:

    One of the better lines I’ve heard lately that may give you a chuckle regarding Meher Baba….

    Q-What’s the difference between God & Meher Baba?

    A-God never thought he was Meher Baba

    Thanks for the post. It seems the older we get the more friends we lose to eternity. I guess the alternative would be equally sad.

    Thanks you for your art over the years.

  16. joanie marr says:

    Peace & Love, Peace & Love…glad you’re still kicking’, Pete. 🙂 Sorry for your losses. O:)

  17. Nigel Morton says:

    Dear Pete,

    A thoughtful and inspiring post by you. Condolences on the passing of so many friends, and people in your life. I’ve been focused on life and living recently as well and your remarks about Meher Baba have got me thinking again about “higher powers”, thank you.

    Stay safe, be happy.


  18. David Wooldridge says:

    Well put Pete, sorry to hear about the sad news.My dad passed away in July and I was nt there as he lived abroad,a week after I saw The Who at Wembley Arena for the Double O Quadrophenia show.Fantastic,amazing and brilliant,proud to be a Who fan!
    Stay safe everyone.Long Live The Who!

  19. james lara says:

    i can’t believe all the people i grew up listening to are aging and in fact dying. i’ts sad because i’m going to live forever. james lara (vampyre)

  20. Nicely put, Pete. As always. Sorry for your losses.
    County Durham

  21. Leslie says:

    Good morning,
    indeed so many passing this week. Friday is All souls Day and we will remember all those who have passed. But let’s live life at our fullest and your music has given meaning to so many. i remember meeting you on aug 17, 1967 in chattanooga, tennessee. i was a shy 11 year old girl. you were all gathered around the pool of the Downtowner Motel and asked our friend’s mom to buy you booze since no one was legal age yet.
    i remember Keith telling me his sister was also names Leslie. somewhere in a lost notebook, i had all of your autographs..sigh.
    Cheers and head up.

  22. Felicia says:

    That’s a lot of sorrow for a short time. May you find the balance that works for you.

  23. Mike says:

    life losses as sad as they are do remind us to appreciate others that are dear to us,even though I am not someone you would know I feel I know you and members of your band and your music has come to be a special part of me would not trade the time spent experiencing life love and all that goes with it ! it’s been a great ride on the magic bus can’t wait for the Who’s next stop,I will be right there with you

  24. Richard Kelly says:

    Regards from Perth,Western Australia
    Took 2 of my Daughters to the Who gig in Perth and they still say it was the best they have been to.
    I had last seen you perform at the Isle of Wight and wished I had as much engery and talent .Im of a similar vintage now 66 and remembering that it was a blast to be in London in the 60’s

    Wishing you well

  25. mark higashide says:

    Sorry for your loss. Glad your well.

  26. Todd Hubbard says:

    We love you, Pete! glad you are Okay. Prayers for your friends. May they be at peace. Jai Baba!

    Todd Hubbard

  27. Sue Dee says:

    without dark there is no light,without loss there is no life….but that doesn’t make it any easier to accept losing those we care about. Stay strong Mr. T,you are a survivor XX

  28. nancy grandinetti says:

    Sorry to hear of these passings. Thank you for the beautiful music that is always there to soothe, uplift and help us celebrate!

  29. Roop says:

    Yes, Pete. Bhau and also Marion this week. Keep well.
    Jai Baba.

  30. One year anniversary of that Sandy storm already. It was as memorable as a person but I was glad to see it move on.

  31. Tim Lewis says:

    May you find peace in this troubling time. Rainbows come and go everyday somewhere on this earth everyday. I am sure you will see one soon. Peace and Love..Tim (St Petersburg,FL)

  32. Duane Flesburg says:

    I am glad you are safe and hope everyone else there is too. I am sorry for your losses of freinds. I am only begining to experience the loss of friends although I lost some in college. I am just a kid about to turn 50. It is a strange thing watching our friends get old. Carry on and when you sing and dance know that they are with you and really would want you to keep singing and dancing… isn’t that what you will want us to do? Oh and tell your kids you love them every chance you get. Thanks for writing your book. I just recently finished it and I learned a lot about my favorite hero. Mostly, I learned that he is a man, like me. God Bless and be happy. Today is another day so have a good one.

  33. Scott Palmer says:

    God Bless—-Peace, Love and Empathy

  34. Jimmy Narchisotto says:

    Glad to hear you all made it through the storm. We here on Long Island love and appreciate all that everyone did for us during Sandy ,9/11 the love we feel for you all is hard to put in words. Except to say You Lifted Us.

  35. Dean Bosse says:

    Sorry for your losses, Pete. Life has a way of ebbing and flowing and all we can do is follow it. Keep healthy and happy. God is Good.


    Beautiful. Much love from your old friend. Xxoo

  37. Carolyn B. says:

    Life’s little ‘Ups & Downs’ have a way of putting things in perspective. Happy to see you’re still flopping about. Stay warm and dry. I’m sure Rob is doing the same.

  38. Paul says:

    I’m sorry about your friends passing’s Pete, I my self is no stranger to loosing people, but the one that has got me through it all is my personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I don’t belong to a church or anything like that, because I have found Jesus is alive and real without such places and organizations, and lets not forget a very large amount of people who have died and met him and came back to tell us he is real. With all that said Pete, thank you for such great music , you really do have a spiritual gift to understand the dark trials people deal with in life. I always found the who’s music had a spiritual meaning behind it.

    God Bless

  39. Chris Capp says:

    Many of us found some joy in watching clips from the Joe’s Pub Attic Jam yesterday after hearing about Lou. Seemed like genuine affection between the two of you in those numbers. Those Attic shows were magical.

    Arthur Miller said, “Life is a casting off.” It’s just particularly hard when they come in bunches.

    Take care.

  40. Luile says:

    This year, some friends of mine have died too. Also well known heroes like Alvin Lee (former Ten Years After guitar wizzard).

  41. Kimberly O'Shea says:

    Time has a way of sneaking up on us faster then we think. Glad your ok from the storm, hope your friend is ok. Saying a little prayer for your, and the world’s loss.

  42. John Edward DeFalco says:

    Yeah it sucks to loose so many people that have had some sort of influence or affect on your life good or bad they made you adjust your thoughts on life. I have lost many too and as I grow older they seem to mean more to my believes to which I choose to follow. But even you who have never met me, have made a impact on my life. Hang tough Pete you are truly loved my friend. Johnny D.

  43. Tim says:

    Sorry for your losses Pete.

  44. William Haney says:

    I think it shows how fragile life is. Here today and gone tomorrow. Make sure you show appreciation to those who has touched you and do something kind to those who give you problems.

  45. Crystal Hobbs says:

    Dearest Pete,
    I am so happy that you are safe! Indeed it has been sad times lately with the passing of friends. I hope that you can take solace with your beliefs and your family.
    God Bless You Always,

  46. Ken says:

    First, thoughts and prayers to those families who are dealing with the passings. Same to you, Pete. Secondly, I do hope everyone is safe from the storm. Thank you for the thoughts, and for your actions, related to Hurricane Sandy. We’re still rebuilding, but no doubt we’ll get there.

  47. Jim Anderson says:

    Sorry for your loss of so many who were close to you. I certainly felt the loss of Lou Reed as I was spending yesterday digitizing old cassettes of a gig I played in 1984 – before succumbing to the siren’s call to be an accountant – with “Waiting for the Man” included alongside “Can’t Explain”, “Pinball Wizard”,”Summertime Blues”, … I know you guys have been well compensated for the music you make, but we, the fans, are ever grateful for the joy you’ve brought to our lives. Cheers, Pete, and glad you’re safe.

  48. FLORIN IGNACE says:

    We lost a great songwriter, again.
    R.I.P. Lou Reed


  49. STENDEC says:

    So sad, so many people in such a short period. Our ride on this river of time is all to brief. Glad to hear your OK, thanks for all the great music.

  50. STENDEC says:

    Oh and by the way, stay safe. Reading that Lou Reed had died made me think of all the others that have passed on in recent years. While I never listened to Reed the opposite is true of The Who going back close to Fifty years. I don’t want to read about PT passing away any time soon

  51. Greg R says:

    Hi Pete. I thought of many things when hearing of Lou Reed’s passing … including your attic jam with him. I watched some of it again yesterday on YouTube. What a treasure.

    All the best to you and yours during these stormy times and beyond.

  52. carol lynn says:

    I’m sorry for the storms and losses you’ve endured this past week. Speaking from a fan’s perspective – one, who I’m certain would not have lived past age 15 without you music, my heart goes out to you.
    Having a deep belief in something outside of yourself and being able to gain a wisdom and acceptance of how the world shifts and shapes itself must bring you some comfort.
    Of course, I did not know your friends, but I can relate to the storm – living in the US, Sandy was a bitch to behold. In a country that STILL hasn’t resolved issues from Hurricane Katrina, there’s always a sense of doom when uncontrolled water hits land.
    Losing Lou Reed was big in my world. Some artists arrive in a flash and seem to be visiting. Others seem to be planted here to remind us of the poetic nature within ourselves (which is how i think of you). I thought Lou Reed would be in the ‘last man standing’ club. I’m glad it was important for you to note his passing. My heart is somewhat broken, but I’m here, so must make the most of it.

  53. stepee says:

    Time passes and things change but the inner identity doesn’t change at all, we stay the person we were when true consciousness first forms – hence the confusion of loss and the difficulty of personal mortality. (That thing that keeps happening to others around me cant really happen to me too! Can it?).

    Many more happy years to us all is all we can wish for.

  54. steve lewis says:

    Pete glad to hear you made it thru the storm but be at peace with your recent losses of friends. Live on and be thankful

  55. Julie Shelton says:

    The only “good” thing about loss is that it reminds you of how lucky you were to have such love and light in your heart, and it renews your appreciation of those who remain. The worst thing is those damn permanent holes in your heart that ping you on dark nights. So sorry for your losses. And grateful that most in your lovely country are safe and well. Hugs to all who hurt. {{ 🙂 }}

  56. Greg Bedrosian says:

    It’s funny as we grow older, the impact of those we know who pass impact us with more resolution. Perhaps it’s because we realize the gold nuggets they dropped in our hand has helped us along the path of life.

  57. I know that you are unable to externalize your pain in mournings, you say in your book, but I have the impression that you describes you too harshly in your autobiography that you have used these words to describe the loss of friends and even the great Lou, are simple, sincere and have inside a genuine regret for them.
    I am truly happy to know that the storm has passed without harm to you and write you and I would be even more if you could answer me, I love your music, and even your “bad” character … with sincere love Cristina

  58. James Morris says:

    Thanks for posting Peter, it is always good to hear how you are doing. Think about you often, when you are back in SF, send me a shout. Come up to the mountain and get some altitude.

  59. Hi Pete,
    Half way through reading your book ,i can really relate to things that have happened to you ,maybe its because im a Dennis.
    I was thinking about my uncle Pats passing today hence my reply to your Blog,made me laugh when you said that you had to drive him home after your wedding because he got so pissed typical Dennis.
    Love from Gerald Jacky and family

  60. Alistair Moulden says:

    Such weeks are sent to test us. I’m sorry for your losses Pete and hope you’re well. Much love to you at this time.

  61. John McGregor says:

    Glad you’re still with us Pete. Our vintage seem to be trapped in a cycle of sadness for friends lost and lingering. But our kids make up for all of it! Hang in there … sadness will pass and life will reinvigorate.
    John, Ballarat, Australia.

  62. Dr. Tony E. Medlin says:

    As a director, number one on my bucket list is “Tommy.” “Psychoderelict” is also in my top ten. God, I’d love to stage that!
    Psycho-Who fan,
    Dr. Tony E. Medlin

  63. Dr. Tony E. Medlin says:

    BTW, Kevin Moriarty at the Dallas Theater Center did a smashing production of “Tommy.” He did you proud. It’s the best production of it I’ve ever seen. I think he added so much to telling the story through brilliant staging.
    Dr. Dick Head (aka Tony Medlin)

  64. andrew phillips says:

    I`m sorry to hear about the number of friends you`ve lost lately. I`m only 42, but I`m starting to realize that the longer you live life, at a certain point, it starts taking away as much as it gives… My father came off the boat from England to America in 1962.He was 18…He still had a fucking gas-mask with “Mickey Mouse” ears on it saved from the bombings of his childhood…His 1st night here he saw Fatts Domino&Jerry Lee Lewis play in Hartford Connecticut. 9 years later,I was born.
    10 years later,I became a drummer(it`s all Moonie`s fault)…
    Dad`s 72 now, but if you hand him a guitar, he turns 18 again. And by drumming along with him..(i.e.Stones,Dwayne Eddy,Elvis,ChuckBerry,Creedence).. MY 42yr.old ass turns 18 again!!
    That`s the power of music to me..
    When he goes,please feel free to rent me a padded cell&straight-jacket… Your music has gotten me out of some very painfull times in my life and helped me better understand myself.. I just want to try to return the favor as much as you`ve done for me.

  65. Ed Casey says:

    Sorry to hear of your losses and hope you’re grief passes soon. Your friends sound remarkable and you’re very fortunate to have known them. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Lou Reed. New York lost a great poet, and the world lost a great rock and roll heart.

  66. Greg Emerson says:

    I have loved your music since I was 5 years old….I will always be grateful to my older brother Charles for playing your music and Rush, etc! I am sorry to read your blog, this is perhaps the hardest part of living. I work with people and horses, and Pete if you ever read this, look into blue green algae, for your health! In the end, health care is self care I hope with all my heart you find this for you and your family. Health problems that face us today are largely due to over farming and weakening soils….without perfect soil, it is impossible to have perfect food, and therefore the most important mineral elements we need, micronutrients also called trace minerals are lacking. With constant love from a fan till the end! Greg (Toronto, Canada).

  67. Bob Mossman says:

    Hi Pete:
    Interesting about Bhau’s passing and the human and weather whirlwinds that accompanied it. Felt the same here on the east coast of Canada over those few days last week. Loved your quote from Anita regarding Baba. Had never hear that one before. Would have liked to have had the opportunity to meet her. Great work the team is doing with the MB Film Archives.
    Have been losing dear friends too. Just a part of being 67.
    Take care and all the best.
    Love in Him,

  68. lorraine Townsend says:

    You are a truly amazing man, god bless you and all who matter to you. P.s thank for visiting Manchester this year just so that my daughters had the chance to see the who live, unforgettable amazing experience so once again thank you. Xxxx

  69. CourseWho says:

    We have had some trouble of that storm too, here in The Netherlands, but much less than in South-West England. I’m sorry about all those losses Pete, it must be quite a difficult time. Fortunately, you and Roger are still with us!

  70. Stephane says:

    salut Pete
    Il y à des jours comme ça, où tout un tas de personnes que vous connaissez disparaissent, c’est fou, mais c’est la vie. une tempête c’est toujours difficile, et si on peux passer à travers et bien tant mieux. Pas trop de dégâts à The Wick ?. Bonne continuation Pete, en attendant d’avoir des nouvelles….
    Stephane SCHMITT

  71. linda ann says:

    thoughtful and compassionate Pete……yu have been an inspiration and source of great happieness in my life since l bought my first Who album in 1973 when l was a tenderhearted 13 yr old…..Your music still speaks to me loud and clear,thanks.

  72. John Tanner says:

    Hi Pete: Sorry to hear about all the friends you have lost recently just take comfort in knowing they’re no longer suffering and as you stated, one went peacefully in their sleep. I’m happy to hear you weathered the storm and made it safely, to the other side. May you and those you hold dearly stay safe and live happily and healthy, for many more years to come. Thank you for all the wonderful inspirational music and memories through the years, may you continue to inspire.

  73. Susan E says:

    Sandy missed us by a thread (Cape May, USA). Glad you are all safe. Be well.

  74. Hank Locker says:

    Pete, first of all, I’ll never be able to express what you and the Who have meant to me over my 59 years on this planet. I just hope that you, like myself, maintain “faith in something bigger” and are at peace knowing we all move on at some point. Continued health and cheer to you, my avatar…

  75. Dan Stenger says:

    God bless you, Pete. You have many friends “upstairs” who can help you and intercede for you and yours. We pray that Rob and his house are safe and sound.

  76. Susan Leigh Miller says:

    Pete, hope you don’t mind my saying you are THE MUSIC GOD (as I told you in the note I gave you at the sound check in Oakland, CA this year). Just love me anyway!

  77. Panayiotis says:

    hey Pete–

    My heart goes out to you, with so much loss in such a short time. I suppose, we all know these things happen, and they sometimes come all at once. Several years ago, I lost 12 friends (many who I’d known for over 35 years!) in a period of 5 months. I barely had time to breathe and grieve for each of them, but somewhere I found the strength to remember each of them by finding a place in my heart to keep them, until that day when I will meet them all again. This gives me hope and something to look forward to. I suppose you’ll keep a little bit of each of these people in your heart, until that time as well.

    Best to you from California (in San Leandro, just next to Oakland!). I sent you a note backstage some years ago, during the PSYCHODERELICT Tour, when you played the Berkeley Community Theatre. In it were the lyrics to the song “‘Til The Rivers All Run Dry” by Don Gibson…and a request to play it. You did it that night and I’ll always remember the tears of joy to hear it!! I even have a bootleg of the show which someone gave me!! Brilliant!! To say “thank you” isn’t enough. Anyway..just wanted to share with you.

    Panayiotis (ie Pete the Greek)

  78. Howard says:

    Hi Pete.

    Just to let you know that you made my 12-year-old son Alex soooo happy to receive the signed photo of you on the Quadrophenia tour. He was bouncing off the walls for ages after opening the envelope then picked up his Telecaster and played Pinball Wizard.

    Howard in Nottingham

  79. Ted Maloney says:

    Hey Townshend, thanks for bringing us down!

    Yes, life is suffering….and it only seems to get more unsettled…like the weather. We all press on through our own storms and hope for some warm sunshine now and again.

    Peace from our storm-battered shore to yours.


    1. Ted Maloney says:

      Of course, I was only trying to lighten to mood. Let’s try to smile and laugh in the sun whenever it shines.



  80. Inezz Neuman says:

    “we love you anyway” I imagine that if there is such a thing as God, this is how he loves us.Mr Townshend, you are one of my hero’s so I just want to say thank you for the magic that is you.

  81. Cath says:

    Me too Pete! My brother-in-law just had a terrible fall at work and is paralyzed from the waiste down and my uncle just died. I feel blessed that my nieces will have their dad to grow up with. We surely almost lost him and my uncle did not suffer long. God works in mysterious ways. Thanks for sharing. And I haven’t told you, I SO loved your book. “Working with words on a page…”. Cath Fria in Chicago

  82. Lynda grace says:

    I have posted @pete’s blog already.
    again,…… xox Lynda Grace
    Thank you for posting and checking in.
    Always a delight to see you here Pere.

  83. Michelle Means says:

    Dear Pete, Your comments bring me to do something I’ve been thinking of for a long, long time. I’m 60 yrs old and first saw the Who in Memphis, TN in the latter part of the sixties. I went on to buy recording, see concerts (saw more Who concerts than any other)but what I want to say is that you have brought me more comfort,peace, joy, & happiness through your music than any other artist. What I love so much about it, I think, is its Englishness. I majored in British Literature in university and all my favorite writers are British. You Brits just seem to have a brilliance with words that no one else can even approach.

    I went on to write myself but only technical/scientific writing. I learned early that I did not have nor would ever have the brilliance that you possess with words. I’m a good craftswoman with words but no artist.

    Of all the British Invasion bands, none could compare with The Who in music composition and lyrics. That line (and so many others of yours) in Quadrophenia, “I know how it feels son, cuz it runs in the family” has comforted me through many down spots. What a towering, magical, powerful life’s work you have already created. It has meant so much to so many and continues to do so.

    Thank you does not begin to express my gratitude for the life’s blood you put into the creation of your music. I used to leave Who concerts so transported, so radiant that I felt ready to die right then. Nothing would ever be as precious to me as those hours of live Townshend music. God Bless You, Michelle means

  84. Mickey ODonnell says:

    Pete, hang in there man. It really gets you thinking when things like this happen, you know the mortality thing. Like a repeated punch to the groin. Remember the sun will be out sooner than later. Hope your friend is okay.

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