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rnThis book is not a vanity for me. It is an essential rite of passage. I know I am good at what I do as a performer and composer, but since my early teens I have been happiest when writing. Writing is my principal daily occupation. Rock ëní roll is a tough career, however cynically or comically it is portrayed by its detractors. I am lucky to be alive and to have such a crazy story to tell, full of wild adventures and creative machinations. I am happy that I am able to write my book myself, in my own ëvoiceí that many readers will be hearing for the first time. I am delighted to be working again with my agent Ed Victor, and happy to be published by Harper Collins, a company whose editors and list I have always greatly admired. rnrnI am not my favorite subject, that will always be art and music, but whenever I write about my life and work I learn something. So the year ahead spent writing will also trigger the last vital bit of ëgrowing upí required by the now pensionable fellow who once wrote I hope I die before I get old. I want to write a book that is enjoyable to read, but above all, I want it to be honest.


  1. paul b. says:

    sister disco
    somebody saved me
    say it aint so joe
    crazy like a fox
    neil young cover “walk on”
    my wife

    this is my finish, pete! love you – paul

  2. Tom says:

    I’m 53. I told a young co-worker that I’m in the middle of reading Pete Townshend’s autobiography. You’ll never guess what he said. . . . . . . . . . . . . ”

    Who’s that?”

    Thoroughly enjoying the book. You speak from the heart, as always.

  3. Jamie says:

    Fn Crazy for The Who after reading Pete’s memoirs. Unfnbelievably inspiring. Thanks Mr. Townshend.

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